Monday, February 11, 2008

Accident-prone? Who, me?!?

The other night I had to make a trip to Wal-Mart to buy some stuff for Miles (who is sick again, but this time with something different). I had told Casey that while I was there I wanted to get a new mop, something that made me really want to clean the floors (stop laughing!) and a smaller coffeemaker. Currently I was using a second-hand 12-cup coffeemaker given to me by a friend. It's more for occasions when we have lots of people over, but I found myself using it more and more on my own. And since Casey doesn't drink coffee, it had become a pain to make about two cups every other day or so for just me. So when I saw that Mr. Coffee makes a 4-cup programmable machine for about $20...that's all I needed to know.

I came home with the items -- medicine for Miles, new mop and coffeemaker for Mama. That was Saturday evening. Sunday morning found me at home instead of in worship since Miles was still too sick to go out, so I thought I might give the new mop a whirl (see, it did make me want to clean the floors!). Our kitchen floor always needs the most cleaning, so I removed the rug at the sink, the two chairs and moved the table out from the wall. Yeah, that's right -- I was serious about the cleaning.

With Miles in fever/cough mode and comfortably viewing Elmo's Adventures in Grouchland nearby, the mopping was well under way in just a few minutes. As I neared the kitchen sink, I was putting more and more muscle into my work, that is until the moment when my arm jerked back with the mop handle...right into the old glass coffee decanter that sat drying on top of the dish rack. Before I even had time to gasp audibly (because, see, I'd already gasped in my head), the thing had flown into the air and landed right in the middle of the tiled kitchen floor and scattered itself far and wide into about a million pieces. My first thought was, 'We don't have our dustpan anymore!' (although why I really don't know) so I had no idea how I was going to clean this mess apart from just sweeping it into a pile.

But when you have a small child running from room to room, usually barefoot, you have to figure things out. Luckily, I was wearing socks at the time, because I managed to 'find' several pieces with my feet throughout the cleanup. I know there must still be some teeny-tiny pieces of glass somewhere in or near the kitchen, but I think that, given the circumstances, I did an okay job.

And did you catch the irony of the whole story? Casey pointed it out the moment he got home and heard what had happened. The old coffee decanter breaks the day after I buy the new one, while I am using the new mop. Almost sounds like I planned the whole thing.


Jolene said...

Oh dear... poor Miles is sick? :( I'm so sorry to hear that. The kids and I are praying for him!

tracey said...

Thank you (and your kids) so much for the prayers, Jolene! He's doing much better now, just a slight cough. I'm just glad he's back to his old self again -- it's tough seeing him so down and uninterested in playing.

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