Friday, December 14, 2007

What's in a (nick)name?

Shellie asked where the nickname 'Kilo' originated for Miles (I mentioned it in my last post title). It's a quick story, and here it is.

When I first started bringing Miles to the campus ministry Wednesday night Bible study, a good friend of ours would say, "Hey there, Ki-lo-meter!" You know...instead of "miles." From that point on, this same friend would just call him Kilo. I have liked the name from the beginning, and I told the guy this, which he was happy to hear. I have always liked interesting nicknames, and I wonder if this one will stick as Miles gets older.

I guess that will be up to our Kilo.

Added later: In case anyone is wondering, it is pronounced KEE-lo.


Sally-Anne said...

I feel dumb asking, but is it pronounced "Keelo" or "Kye-lo?"

tracey said...

Kee-lo. And don't feel dumb! =)

Shellie said...

That's a good story!

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