Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And I throw like one too

The students are back, and thankfully this year I am much more prepared for Casey's busier schedule. I've even been able to get involved more than I thought I would! For instance, last night after dinner, a big group of us went outside to play some ultimate frisbee (one of our all-time favorites). Casey and I ended up on the same team, which I prefer, and we had so much fun. I got winded pretty early, but I was still able to jog around and make some catches and passes here and there. My favorite moment came after it was all over, and one of the freshman guys came up to me and said, "You play like a boy out there!"

Best compliment ever.


pshaw said...

Wish I could have played out there with you. It sounded like fun. John and Erin kept telling me about the Frisbee game.

tracey said...

It was so much fun! I still can't believe I was running so much, but at some point I got my second wind and played my heart out! =)

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