Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just talkin'

I still plan on doing a follow-up post on synesthesia...just don't have the time for it today, I'm afraid. I wish I had something really interesting to talk about, but I mostly just wanted to post so that people visiting (thank you, by the way!) could look at something new.

How is Miles, you ask? He's doing very well. In fact, he had a checkup and shots a week ago Monday, and he weighed 16 pounds and was 25-1/2 inches long. The boy is getting big! He still smiles a great deal, and talks even more...and the other day when a friend was visiting, I heard him actually giggle for the first time! Also, a couple of weeks ago, I know it was pure chance, but he was babbling away, and Casey and I actually heard the word 'hi' come out of his mouth. We looked at each other in shock, and then just laughed and laughed, because it's pretty hilarious to hear a four-month-old say "Hi!"

I am still in the process of healing. I no longer wear my wound-vac machine, but I do have a wound that will take a bit to be completely closed and healed. That means a daily dressing change, with Casey's help, and I'm so glad he's a patient man! I think one of the first things I want to do when I'm all healed up is to go swimming...I'm really hoping the weather cooperates and stays warm just a little longer.

Someday I will tell a longer version of my hospital stay. Don't worry, I'll warn you if it's going to get yucky...but you know that's why you'll be reading it!

Take care everyone, and have a wonderful Wednesday.


Sarah said...

Good to hear from you! I definitely want to hear about your hosp stay. Things sound like they're slowly but surely getting back to "normal"... whatever normal is for a new mom anyway! :)

Are you up to taking pics yet?

tracey said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm thinking that I might have to blog about the hospital stuff in several parts, otherwise it will be a horribly long thing to read. As far as picture-taking goes, my digital camera is unfortunately on the blink, but the good news is that I'm getting it serviced free of charge since this particular problem has happened to a lot of this same camera. I'll send it off tomorrow, and when I get back I'll be a picture-taking fool! =)

tracey said...

That last line should read, "...and when I get it back I'll be a picture-taking fool..."

I just had to fix it. =)

Syndi Dominguez said...

Wow! Elena just had her 6 month check-up yesterday and she is only 14 lbs 4 oz and 24 1/2 inches long! We are glad to hear that he is doing so well. The doctor asked me yesterday how many words she was saying and I was thinking, "Does a 6 month old really have a vocabulary that you can count?" Sometimes she says the ma sound and I am sure she is saying mommy! So that's one! I'm so happy that you are getting better. We will keep praying for you!


ruth said...

hey trace
soo glad you are making such great progress.. good news about the wound vac coming off! yipee! Take good care of yourself! I think about you allllll the time!
Love and miss
(hug miles for us!)

Lori F said...

Hi Tracey! I'm a little slow on blog reading this week. I'm really glad the Lord is restoring you to health! Great to hear you are getting better. I'm really interested to hear about your time in the hospital.

tracey said...

Hey Syndi -- wow, hard to believe Miles is that much bigger than Elena! Yup, he's a big boy for sure (kind of one of the blessings of not carrying him to term!).
Thanks so much for the continued prayers.

Thanks Ruthieeeee!!! =)

Thank you as well, Lori. I need to get going on my posts concerning my hospital, I am slow. =)

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