Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm a hotsling mama (like Sarah!)

Here I sit, trying to learn how to use my hotsling (thanks again for the tip, Sarah!). Just another one of those things that I missed out on the first three months of my baby's life. Guess I'll skip the 'cradle carry' and move on to the 'front' and 'hip' carries. Miles is with a church friend this afternoon (so many wonderful women are helping us out so I can rest and recover more quickly), but I'm actually sitting here wearing my hotsling. From what I have read, babies seem to love hotslings, so I'm hoping Miles isn't the exception. Guess I'll find out later today!

I feel like I'm slowly gaining strength back, even though just checking emails and blogging for a bit can wear me down. I'm eating more and am now officially hooked on raspberry creamsicles (YUM) and have even started back on one of my favorites -- Cruncheros! I so look forward to being fully recovered and moving around much more quickly. But God is so good, and has answered so many prayers. I am blessed beyond measure!


Shellie said...

It is so nice to hear from you again. You sound like your old self-telling us the random food that you love!!!

Keep on getting your rest.

Ruth said...

Hurrah for you Tracey! so nice to see your post here! Glad things are going well for you.. .. take good care of yourself! I never could figure out the sling thing.. i did a bit with Cat but the kids were soooo heavy! I mean good greaf.. nathan was like having a 14lb bowling ball on my belly with those slings :) .. now another friend if mine did the back pack thing ( i did that too a little bit).. but she had it on her back.. the baby LOVED it.. would just get up there and take a little snooze :)

Your such a great momma!

praying for you often.. (as always)


melo-jo said...

Hey hey!! :) Happy slinging! I never used the cradle position because neither Caleb nor Kaylene liked it. They love(d) the kangaroo hold though. Hope Casey is taking heaps of photos!!

Sarah said...

Okay, I have a confession. I only ended up using my hotsling a few times. (And it worked really well those few times).

Then Trinity got too big for the cradle hold, and I never could figure out the kangaroo hold. So now I'm not sure if I'm gonna sell it on Ebay or keep it and try it again for the next child. :)

So glad to see you "back". :)
(((hugs))) and prayers.

Lori F said...

Where were these cool looking hotslings 18 years ago? We just had cumbersom contraptions. Makes me want to borrow a baby just so I can wear one! What on earth are Churcheros?!? Do tell! Glad to see the post today!

Lori F said...

churcheros?? No, I'm not tired at all! I meant the mysterious cruncheros, of course.

Jacqueline Hudson said...

So Glad U are back!!! Jackie

Suzanne Dennis said...

So glad to know you're home again. The church secretary at Oxford kept me in the loop with emails so we could keep people here informed. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos you take of your family in the days ahead. May God bless you and guide you always.

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