Friday, August 04, 2006

Updates, sister, and -- to quote Lori -- "Churcheros"

I have finally made some much-needed updates to my blog, woohoo!

I saw two of my doctors yesterday, both good visits. I got my PICC line taken out -- it's basically a line that can stay in your arm for a long time so that meds can be administered and blood can be taken more easily. Having that removed is one more step in the right direction. It was a pretty exciting day for us. I am completely done with my antibiotics, but I still continue to take some other meds for pain, my auto-immune disorder, etc.

My sister is visiting this weekend, which is really awesome because I haven't seen her since February, and this was her first time to see Miles in person! It's pretty neat to see Miles with his Aunt Kerry...I will be sad to see her go in a few days, but I am so thankful that I have her here for a little while.

To answer a question that
Lori had: "What are Cruncheros?" -- they are mini beef and cheese chimichangas made by El Monterey, and you can find them in your frozen food section at the grocery store. Casey and I also like the chicken and cheese taquitos, but I could eat those Cruncheros every single day! They are...YUM.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am tired but persevering. This recovery plus motherhood thing is tough! I wouldn't mind at all if anyone wants to put me on their daily prayer list -- I just need peace and a quick recovery. Thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers and encouragement!


Lori F said...

Wonderful medical news. God is so good and I am glad to read you are on the mend. Tomorrow is grocery day so I will have to hunt down the cruncheros!

Sarah said...

Tracey you are on my regular prayer list for sure. :)

By the way, I'm not sure if your "Latest Reads" on your sidebar are current? But I am totally reading the Midwives book too! I have about 1/4th more to go. It's really good so far. Did you like it?

tracey said...

Sarah, my latest reads are current...I'm just taking forever to get them read! I'm enjoying Midwives, but I just have to get back into the reading swing again...

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