Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Friday's Feast on Wednesday

Sure I'm late with this, but better late than never, right? Just click on the post title or the link in the sidebar to have a feast of your very own!

Feast Seventy-Six / Friday, January 13, 2006


Name one chore you don't really mind doing.

Washing dishes and loading the dishwasher. For some reason, though, I don't like unloading the dishwasher. Thankfully, Casey feels opposite from myself, so we try to stick to our respective likeable chores.


How many times have you moved homes in your life?

Twelve. I counted each dormitory move in college as one since I worked in one on and off.


How old were you when you had your very first kiss?

I was five, he was six. We ran behind the church bus after Sunday morning worship and had this big, embracing kiss. I guess we thought that's how people did that, I don't know. Now, when we're talking about an actual kiss, where you have a boyfriend and all of that...then I was twelve...but it was pretty yucky because we had no idea what we were doing. Not that I had much more of an idea when I was five!

Main Course

What time of day do you usually feel your best?

Hard to say...but I guess if we're going with emotional, mental, physical, etc. I will say it's right after I get home from work and change into comfy clothes...aaahhhhh!


Using three words or less, describe your current local weather.

Bright, cool, lingering

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