Monday, December 26, 2005

The little kicks

I hope every0ne has had a wonderful break, and an opportunity to spend time with family. We've been having a really nice time, but of course there are always those we'd like to see but sometimes you just don't get to see everyone.

I know I mentioned before that I had started feeling the baby making those tiny little kicks, but let me tell you that it is getting more noticeable every day. Yesterday, Casey was saying a prayer during our Bible class, and our little guy must have recognized his daddy's voice because he started up and went almost the whole way through the prayer, jabbing and kicking at me! Then yesterday afternoon I was lying on my back for just a minute or two, and I tried putting my hand on my belly and I could actually feel the kicks from the outside! Of course, it was just barely, and probably easier for me because I can feel it on the inside as well, but still...I had a grin on my face. Last night I thought I would see if maybe Casey could feel what I was feeling, and before he even got his hand on my stomach I felt the biggest kick I have felt yet! It was like he put all of his might into that one moment, and I was like, "Whoa!" Sadly, Casey didn't feel a thing, but that time will come in a few weeks I'm sure.

My health seems to be doing better and better. I think this is the best I've felt since I got pregnant, so woohoo! for the second trimester (otherwise known as the 'honeymooon phase' of pregnancy). I'm excited for the months to come, and definitely most excited for the baby to be here, on the outside with the rest of us.

Make every day count...2006 is almost here!


Anonymous said...

If you wrote in your "journal" you would see that the baby responds to loud noises at 18 weeks.
I know your busy. But I look forward to the updates!
'Lissa Franks

This Pastor's Wife said...

Feeling the baby move is what I miss most about being pregnant. Isn't it the most wonderful thing? I had four, but my 'baby' is now 7. Sigh.

tracey said...

Yes, Melissa...I know. And I just recently updated, so yay!

Thanks for visiting, Caroline! I look forward to reading some of your blog as well!

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