Monday, December 12, 2005

Apology and mini-makeover update

Just have to say I'm sooooo sorry if any of you saw an ad that was less than tasteful on my blog. I promise, I get to pick the exact things that I have in the ads, but somehow it has changed every now and then. So, to be safe, it's gone for now. Sorry again.

The guest bedroom is looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. It's very simple but tranquil, which is really what we were going for. And isn't simplicity a calming thing anyway? I got rid of (read: hid) the clutter as best I could, and now the only thing left is to finish a mirror (I'm hot-gluing shells around the edge...shells that I collected when I was about eight) and iron the curtains. I think that's about all that's left. There is one corner, on top of the bookcase, that I would like to do something different with, but I'm not sure what yet. I have some (fake) Gerber daisies in a basket, but that doesn't fit the theme, which is blues and whites and naturals -- and the ocean. I have six candles, called "Ocean" (seriously!), on two different circular candleholder plates. They are in a corner of the room. And oh my, do they smell heavenly! I go in the room just to smell them, but the scent has filled every corner, which is just wonderful! Our first guests (my parents and aunt and uncle) since the 'makeover' will be here tomorrow evening, so I'm excited to get their reaction. Hmm...maybe I could put one set of the candles on top of the bookcase? I'll have to try that just to see how it looks. That way they would be in two opposite corners. Oh, I also have a little basket which I threaded with a natural-colored ribbon. But what should I put in the basket? That's been plaguing me as well. I have thought of putting three of the candles in there (the ones that would go on the bookcase) because they wouldn't be in a place to light them anyway. Any ideas?

So far, I've had (on the blog) three guesses that we'll have a girl. Wow! I wonder what makes people think I'm having a girl or boy? I guess I've done that with my friends, but now that it's me I'm totally stumped. No 'feelings' or intuitions whatsoever have come over me. We're more set on some boys' names, so I guess if it is a girl we'll have to think a little more on it! People have asked if we have names picked out, but I'm just having to say that we have some we like, but we probably won't say until the baby is born. If I keep changing my mind every few months about which is my favorite, I just need to wait until I'm totally sure. That's my decision anyway. I think I should at least get that decision, don't you? I'm carrying the baby around for nine months!


Sarah said...

I have a friend Shelly who's never been wrong guessing her friends' babies genders. NEVER. Crazy huh?

I don't know why I think you're having a girl... maybe because I just had a girl and Jolene is having a girl and all the ladies at my church have had ONLY girls for the last 2 years... (and tons of 'em too) so I have girl on the brain!

tracey said...

Jolene is having a girl? Did I miss that on the blog, or are you choosing my blog to announce it? =)
Either way, that's so awesome! Well, there are a total of seven pregnant women in our congregation, most of whom are finding out this month what they are having. One of them already said she thinks I'm having a boy, but I don't know what she's going on...she's had three boys already, so maybe she knows something...hmm.

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