Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Diet of pills

I was partly wrong about where my pain was coming from. It wasn't the prednisone (which I'm back on, by the way), but rather the baby aspirin. Yes, even though I've been down this road before, it took my being in some rather unbelievable pain last week to realize, oh! It's ulcers!

I'm making light of it, because really, what else can one do? And I am not going to go into deep discussion on ulcers here, so don't worry. All I'll say is that if you've had them before, you can recognize them again. Trust me to just blindly take the baby aspirin that the doctor asks me to take without seeing on the bottle that it says "talk to your doctor if you are dealing with any of the following..." and one of the things on the list is ulcers. I wasn't dealing with them at the time, but thanks to good ol' aspirin I am once again!

This led me to call the doctor on Monday to ask if I could please have a prescription for Nexium (and if you know me, you know I'm in real pain to be asking for MORE medicine). The nurse wanted to make sure I wasn't mistaking the pain for acid reflux. Um, no. And it's hard to explain to some in the medical profession sometimes that you know your body much better than they do, no matter how much they have studied. I'm in no way a difficult patient, but I'm also not the type to keep my mouth shut if I disagree (I made three nurses leave my hospital room four years ago because they tried -- three times -- to do a test on me that I'd already had the day before).

Now, don't get me wrong, I value doctors and nurses greatly. I had a doctor who devoted more than a year to finding my diagnosis, and I will never forget that. But always remember that your body is your own, and you must know what you're putting into it (can I get an amen,
Sarah?). In short: Read the aspirin label, silly!


Ruth said...

so sorry to hear about the ulcers tracey.. but glad you found what was wrong.. I read about your desease on line the other day and I remember seeing that as one of the areas there are problems.. needless to say I have been praying for you a lot since then and think of you often..
As far as you not being a difficult patient.. I do remember a few times I really really wanted you to go to the doctor and threatening to call your momma or your sister.. REMEMBER.. so.. I must disagree with you.. you are probably more of a stuborn patient but that is a great thing to be.. because you do know yourself better than anyone..
praying for health and healing for you.. as always

tracey said...

Ruthie!!! You're not supposed to tell people I'm a difficult patient! Actually, since you aren't a doctor, I wasn't your patient, so technically I wasn't a difficult "patient". Ha!

But...I know I was very stubborn, and still am! I think I do better nowadays, and I do listen to the doctors (hence my taking the aspirin without even questioning it!).

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. It's always so nice to hear that someone has read about Behcet's...makes me feel very special! =)

Nexium Prescription Information said...

My name is Jon Star and i would like to show you my personal experience with Nexium.

I am 34 years old. Great medicine. I only hope that I don't become dependant on it. But as my esphogus heals then maybe I'll be able to take an OTC PPI if my symtoms re-occur and I catch them ASAP! Can't wait for a generic. BLUE CROSS of MA won't pay for Nexium unless I start on generic Prilosec, then Protonix, then if both of those failed, they would pay for Nexium. I hate BLUE CROSS! My Dr. was great in giving me 7 weeks of samples when he heard this and Aztra-Zeneca gave me a 7-day coupon I re-deemed at my local pharmacy(with a written 7-day script from my Dr.)

No major side effect. Sometimes a feeling of indigestion/bloated, possibly due to low or no stomach acid as a result of a PPI. So, I am sure to chew my food well and not to eat large portions. I have introduced foods/drinks back into my diet, that before taking Nexium would otherwise bring-on reflux symtoms. Fruit juices and citric acid containing drinks still are bothersome. But, I've eaten Pizza, and am able to drink coffee/tea, both decaf(not to excess though.) A little at a time. I do not drink any alcohol! I still limit any food intake 3 hours before bedtime and try to sleep on my left side. Nexium has given me the greatest relief as compared to all OTC H2 and OTC PPI's. I'm on week 5 of an 8 week treatment.

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Jon Star

tracey said...

Thanks for sharing, Jon! =)

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