Monday, October 31, 2005

Pillows, knitting, casseroles and pumpkins

More than nine years ago (and I was in college that long ago, eeks!), Ruthie was expecting her first baby. Through the years, I have remembered something she said, something quite invaluable. Well, okay, I don't remember the exact words, I just know she talked about how wonderful a body pillow is for a pregnant woman. So I decided, many years ago, that when the time came I would get my very own body pillow, and that time came yesterday! Body pillow and I (oh, and Casey) took our usual Sunday afternoon nap, and I think I fell asleep with a huge goofy smile plastered across my face as I hugged my new friend tight. It was like sleeping on a cloud (whatever that feels like), although the thing does take up quite a bit of room and will take some getting used to...but I'm determined to make it work.

here is a blast from the past. Remember last winter/spring when I was working on that incredible Northern Lights Wrap (scarf)? I mentioned that I was working on cross-stitch piece at the same time. Turns out the cross-stitch needed more attention (and all the way through to July), plus it was a gift for someone else, so the wrap was shelved for the time being. Besides, who wants to work on a big cuddly scarf all summer? Casey encouraged me to pick up my work on the NLW not long ago, and now I am determined to have it finished for this winter. I bought the final two skeins of the Moonlight Mohair yarn today, bringing the total to ten skeins/balls of yarn for this one scarf. No kidding. Yes, the next time I take on a scarf project, remind me to pick a pattern that calls for, oh, maybe just FIVE balls of yarn! All of that aside, I really do like this scarf, and I will make an effort to post a completed photo.

The other day I had a hankerin' for some hash brown casserole, so I rooted around for Casey's grandmother's recipe (copied it last Christmas) and discovered that we didn't have all the ingredients. We bought them yesterday when we were picking out my new friend Body Pillow, and tonight is the night for casserole! I'm sorry, but unless you've had these sudden cravings I don't know how to explain their intensity to you. I find that I'm not necessarily craving the same thing all the time, but rather I will -- out of the blue -- just have to have some kind of dish or specific food item. I called Casey's cell phone one night a couple of weeks ago while he was at the store to say, "I need something sour, get me something sour!". Last week I enjoyed two days of Big Mac meals, and let's just say that trend may not be over yet. The casserole was weighing heavily on my mind as I tried to go to sleep Saturday night, but I've still thought about it enough since then that it will be quite the welcome sight this evening...sad, isn't it?

I know everyone is concerned with how well my first pumpkin-carving went this weekend. Let me calm all of your fears and tell you that it went really well! The only thing I would have to say is that it is harder than I expected it to be. Casey laughed when I said that I pictured us having this wonderful, festive, pumpking-carving time, when in fact there I was, just hoping every second that I didn't injure myself with the very sharp knife. It turned out well, though, no injuries to report, and I even took pictures as I went through the process. I want to get another one of the pumpkin all aglow on the porch tonight, so maybe I'll get to post those soon.


Ruth said...

ahhh the body pillow days.. yeah it took up room.. but little did I know it was really preparing me for my kids who would be in bed with us.. I remember thinking .. someday I WILL sleep through the night again... but even now that is few and far between..
congrats on the pillow.. ok. now for the big question.. what color is it?

tracey said...

No kids in bed with us, thank you! And the color of the pillow is a shimmery green. The pillowcase, that's sort of a velvety-satin thing. Very nice.

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