Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've been tagged! (plus 'Post of the Week')

Well, Sarah tagged me today, so here goes nothin':

10 Songs That I Currently Dig (same disclaimer as Sarah...this doesn't mean the songs are actually current):

1. Like a Feather by Nikka Costa
2. Red Light by Jonny Lang
3. Roxanne by Sting (the All This Time album version)
4. Everybody Got Their Something by Nikka Costa
5. Chariot by Gavin Degraw
6. Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
7. I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack
8. Til I Get You by Nikka Costa (yeah, third one on the list...I know)
9. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (had to steal one of yours, Sarah!
10. Sleep Tight by Celine Dion (on the Miracle album...yeah, it's that baby album!)

I've also got to tag five people, so I choose
Dave, Ann, Shellie, Ruthie, and Brandi (ha, now she will have a reason to blog...I bugged her about it last night!).

And the 'Post of the Week' goes to...Sarah! Click
here to find out if you qualify to live on Dork Street!


Sarah said...

No, actually I stole yours (The Israel Kamawamabama one)... I remembered your post about it I've listened to it quite a few times since...its such a sad sweet tune isn't it?

Sarah said...

p.s. Thanks for my Dork, I mean Post of the Week award...

tracey said...

Yes, that song is soooo sad to me, but I just love listening to it. I try to limit how much I hear it because 1) I don't want it to lose its strength, and 2) I don't want it to get me too sad too often!

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