Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Baby talk

I talk to Case a lot about babies. Babies, babies, babies. And we don't even have a baby! And the answer to your question is No, I am not. Be sure, readers, that I will let you know (at the appropriate time) if the Lord blesses our lives in such a way. But we are not planning that for now. So why talk about it, you ask? I was sharing with Sarah in an email the other day how much I think about having a baby (every day), and that is what I would really like to blog about most of the time. Well...maybe not, but it is what I think about most of the time. I honestly don't know if men know just how much a woman (and okay, I know this is not all women) thinks about having children, being a mother. I don't even know that I knew how much I would think about it as I reached my late twenties. Of course, when I was in my early twenties I was sure that I would have already had all four of my children by the time I was 30! Casey puts up with my talk of babies very well. There are times when I have to stop myself because I realize that, hey, this might not be as interesting to him as it is to me. Just another lesson that I have learned along the way about how different men and women really are. I haven't talked to Casey about this yet, but I'm toying with the idea of cutting down any and all talk of babies to just one day per week. At least with Casey, that is. Melissa and I can talk about babies all day, every day (and we do sometimes!). I'm thinking the idea would be a welcome one, but I'm sure he won't hold me to it. Sweet guy.


Sarah said...

Tracey, you're going to have so much fun naming your kids.


I could go on and on, but I won't. :) All I know is that I look forward to the time when you guys are ready, and I get to read your blogs about the topic... its going to be fascinating. :)

p.s. Tag, you're it! Read my blog, Thursday's post.

Sally-Anne said...

Oh no! I told Tracey when she got engaged that if she and Casey ever had a kid named Stacey, I would kick her @$$, and she assured me they would not!

Sally-Anne said...
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Ruth said...

hey trace .. all I have to say is be very joyfull for the time and memories you have now.. I can tell you for a fact.. life is never the same after kids.. not that it is worse.. just different.. Joel and I were married almost six years before we had any kids.. we made some great memories.. enjoy each other.. the kids will be there before you know it and you will think.. "remember when we could sleep in!, remember when we could just pick up and go to a movie without a secon thought, remember the smell of our house before poopie diapers!" you are so blessed.. enjoy this time! take a trip.. see the sights.. make memories!
Love and miss!

Sarah said...

That is so true. Kevin and I only had a year of memories, and while we don't regret having kids early at all, I do often think about how life was different before they came along!

--Sarah, who hasn't slept in for 4 years because her kids insist on waking up at 7am on the dot no matter what time they're put to bed...

tracey said...

Ha! How did I know this post would get quite a few comments? =)

First things first: Sally-Anne, don't worry (and no pseudo-or-symbol-swearing, either!). As promised, Casey and I will NOT be giving our kids rhyming names. PROMISE. Sorry, Sarah. No fun for you! I've got some fun names all picked out...nothing as cool as Trinity, which I love, by the way, but I think we're doing pretty well.

Ruthie and Sarah, I do appreciate the motherly wisdom. I think that's probably the advice I get most about having kids -- enjoying the time now. We are trying to do that, and I'm glad we have a little more than three years under our collective belts so far. We have tried to take at least one anniversary trip a year and just have lots of fun, because I keep reminding Casey that it will not be this easy after the kids. I have seen Sting five times -- twice last year -- so I feel like (for now) that I need to get that out of my system.

Thanks again for the advice! =)

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