Tuesday, July 19, 2005

War of the goosebumps is more like it!!

We saw War of the Worlds last night with some friends. Wow, never realized how popular the theater could be in a small town on a Monday night! But the line, people, was the longest theater line I've seen in quite some time. I never got to ask Dave about this, but the guy next to him in line was like, the official spokesperson for the Dukes of Hazzard. Okay, maybe not, but he sure could have been from the amount of knowledge he had on the show. And I thought I carried around lots of useless trivia in my head! Also, thank you kind sir, whoever you are, for sharing your less-than-pleasant delight in the fact that Jessica Simpson is playing Daisy Duke. Really...didn't need to know. And yes, we are all aware of the outfit she wears. You do not have to show us how short her shorts are. Go. Away. If that wasn't enough, the guy and his kid brother, or whoever that was with him, cut in line in front of Dave! Ooh, such a pet peeve of mine (I have waaaaay too many).

So, back to the movie. Why do they have to make movie theaters so cold? Are they afraid we're going to fall asleep in there? Because really, it is my money and if I want to take a nap I think I have that right. I should have brought my little sweater thingy like I had planned, but of course I forgot. I spent the whole time trying to get Casey to snuggle ever closer to me and keep me at least lukewarm. If you haven't seen War of the Worlds, I really have no idea if you'll like it. You'll just have to see it to find out. I liked it, enjoyed the intensity of it all and the special effects for sure. I am thinking that I would love to read the book now, and will possibly add it to my
book box very soon. Which reminds me, Sarah, that I am supposed to send my list to you! Soon as I can haul the iMac out of the garage I'll do just that.

Now, anyone who wants to, feel free to share your own War of the Worlds experience with me!


Luke D said...

Sarah and I had this conversation while waiting for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to begin: Theaters have been cold for at least the last 15 years (as far back as I can recall the experience of going to the movies). How much longer can it possibly be before skinny girls realize they must Always take sweaters to movies? You don't scuba without a tank, so why attend a movie without a sweater? Just as the ocean is always going to be filled with water, the theater is always going to be filled with 65-degree air. It should be second nature to grab a sweater on the way out the door by now: "We're leaving for the movies now? Let me see if I've got everything: pants, shirt, shoes, wallet, glasses (if applicable), candy to sneak in my purse, sweater---check!"

So, I say all that in the hope that next time you (plural) leave the house for a movie, you'll think of this rant and grab that argyle on the way out. (This is really just a harmless PSA in disguise. You can thank me with cookies.)

tracey said...

Yeah, yeah, okay Luke...sigh. I had the sweater ready to go! But thanks for the PSA. Cookies will arrive shortly. =)

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