Thursday, July 07, 2005

a BANG! of a holiday

Yesterday my parents celebrated 37 years of marriage. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! We had a really nice holiday weekend, what with family coming to visit our new house for the first time. We got to see not only the city fireworks (sponsored by the fire department, no less) we also got to go home and put on our own fireworks display. We had so much fun we did it again the following night! I must admit I got a little carried away buying fireworks. I was like a little kid all over again. I think all I'd ever done was light those little black cat things, plus the 'snakes' that grow. But these, these fireworks were such fun, and I and my nephew would take turns lighting the fuse and then we would run back up the driveway as fast as we could! So, lots of fun was had this Fourth of July. But before our visitors arrived, we were up until 1:30 that morning, pulling down bathroom wallpaper and priming the walls. I was able to put out all of my cute little bath coordinates, so now the only thing left is to actually paint a color on the walls...and then go through the whole process with our bathroom. Oh boy. I really wish I could think of more to say today, but I have so many, many things on my mind that I am finding it hard to muddle through it all. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday and that the soon-to-be weekend is shining a little light of hope in your hearts!

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