Monday, May 09, 2005

What Casey said...

...when he took his third sip of my vanilla creme steamer: "It tastes just like...pudding!"

Last Friday, I had my final physical therapy appointment. Woohoo! Of course my shoulder is not completely better, but what do you expect when you tear your rotator cuff and don't see anyone about it for seven years? That's what I thought. Still, it is much, much better since my first visit, and hopefully if I continue with my exercises at home and put ice on it (the part I despise) it will only get better.

Casey will soon be leaving for Argentina with our LST group. The team will stay through the end of June, but Casey will only be there for a week (thank goodness!). Meanwhile, I hope to get some packing done for our move to the new house. As soon as Casey is back, we'll start on painting, then new carpet, then we'll move stuff in. That should put us in there by the end of the month. It's coming up so fast, I can hardly believe it! I will be so glad to be settled into the house for the summer so that by the time school starts again we'll be living closer and can have the college students over much more often. I'm going to miss the college students this summer! So glad that some of them are staying, and for much longer than I thought too (John and Brandi!). Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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