Thursday, May 12, 2005

Coffee and peace

Readers, I must confess something (and boy do I hope that Luke doesn't lecture me!). Yesterday morning I broke down and made a cup of coffee. Yes, I did it, and I am neither proud nor sorry. It is what it is, okay? We all break our resolutions from time to time. By the way, did I mention that I had another cup this morning? Again, neither proud nor sorry. It was the last of the Coffeemate (trying not to be wasteful), and without that how could I possibly have another cup? So there is my confession. I am still going to strive to stay away from the deliciously evil coffee (mmm...vanilla latte), but at least now you know my deepest and darkest coffee secrets. So there.

Last night was our final 'school year' Bible study, so the students will be graduating or leaving for the summer, although some will be (yea!) staying here. The LST group leaves soon for Argentina, along with my Case, and I am proud of them for sacrificing so much of their time to do this work for God.

I've been in a more peaceful, thoughtful state of mind today than I have been in more than a week. I love to see God at work, and although that is more difficult in uncertain times, it is still truly amazing.

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