Thursday, April 14, 2005

Random thoughts and observations

I'm quite the eye-roller. My parents knew that a long time ago. Casey knows too. And I'm sorry.

Picking up a cat in an attempt to soothe its anxiety whilst your husband vacuums will only result in a scratch on the nose and lip.

Eating the exact same Healthy Choice meal once or twice a week does not get old, much as you think it would.

El Monterey's Cruncheros are possibly the best little snack/meal I've ever come upon. That means they will probably go the way of all my favorites, meaning they will soon be discontinued. (I miss you, Keebler's Magic Middles!)

If you email El Monterey and tell them how much you love their products, they will email right back and tell you to send your address so they can send coupons!

El Monterey is quick at answering emails, but slooooooow at sending coupons.

Skipping breakfast to sleep just a little longer does not a better morning make.

A Rice Krispy treat accompanied by coffee have, on occasion, been considered "breakfast" in my world.

I get annoyed that Casey can shave, shower, eat breakfast and get dressed all in the time that it takes me to do my hair and makeup.

I get tired of doing my hair and makeup.

When I have had a bad day, one hug from my husband takes it all away.

Casey has learned that he can get away with a lot with me just by being his cute 'ol self.

You can't take photos with the lens cap on. You will realize this only when you are standing in front of a group of people who know you have a degree in photojournalism.

Definition of a super-husband: a husband who, on his day off, will vacuum, do dishes and make dinner for his wife.

One World (Not Three)/Love is the Seventh Wave
from Bring on the Night is one of the most awesome Sting performances ever.

Buying a house will make you truly feel like a grownup, even if you've technically been a grownup for the past eleven years.

I absolutely love to make my husband laugh. It is one of my joys in life.

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