Monday, April 18, 2005

And that, friends, is truly a Super Husband!

Don't be alarmed by my new Unkymood. I'm okay, just been experiencing more headaches than usual. And when I say "usual" I mean I hardly ever get them, and in the last couple of days I've had about three. We did have a busy weekend. Our RFC spring retreat was Saturday, and it was an all-day event. Whew! I will admit here and now that I was the teensiest bit sad about not getting to sleep in (and when I say "sleep in" I mean until 8:30 a.m.) but I'm sure I wasn't totally alone in that, right Ann? Sorry I'm jankin' on ya! (For those of you unfamiliar with the the phrase I just used, don't worry...there was a time when I didn't know either.)

Like I was saying, it was an all-day thing, and really awesome to spend more time with the college folks. Did I mention the five-mile hike a few of us went on that left us panting and gasping for air and whistling "Bridge on the River Kwai"? Well, forget it, because I won't talk about it. Ask Dave or James. But they probably won't talk either. So there was lots of devo time sprinkled with great singing; the middle of the day (i.e., the hottest part of the day) was reserved for running around in the punishing sun throwing a frisbee and arguing about where the boundary was:

I thought it was at the beginning of the shade?

No, it was where the log starts.

What?! I thought it was where the log ended?

Wait, you didn't score!

Yes, our goal is after the orange cone because at the end of the gym there is a big mud puddle.

Alright, carry on.

There was lots of wonderful food prepared by wonderful people, then at the end of the day there was a big, beautiful bonfire (Casey likes alliteration) for roasting marshmallows and eating S'mores. Did I mention I never ate a S'more? Because I didn't. And it's only my fault because I was taking fire photos. I will forever cherish the one with Casey, Dave and I looking like crazy people in front of a bonfire.

Okay, gotta hurry and talk about my Super Husband. Yesterday, which was the day after the retreat, Case and I were going to have to go grocery shopping (i.e., one of my least favorite things to do ever) after evening church services. But Casey, in all of his wonderfulness, tells me that he would like to get up from the sacred Sunday afternoon nap and do the shopping all by himself so that I can rest and so that we can come home right after church and rest some more. This is the part where my heart melts and feels sorry for every single time I have been snippy and I try and try, but he says no, that he really wants to...and so I give in. I am not so much trying to brag as I am trying to be more and more thankful for my Super (Sweet) Husband.

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