Thursday, April 28, 2005

Me all grown up

We are closing on our first house in approximately thirty-eight minutes and forty-two seconds! (More details later...)

And now,

One-liners that make Casey laugh

"A rock in it!" (Pauline in Pauline and Paulette)

"Brilliant!" and "Right!" (Basil on Fawlty Towers)

"He's the best...and the worst!" (Kramer on Seinfeld)

"See, now you're doing something!" (Jerry on Seinfeld)

"Serenity now!" (Kramer on Seinfeld)

"What I can't stand is all the lying!" (George on Seinfeld)

"And DE...LI...VER...IT...TO...HER!" (Frank on Seinfeld)

"I'm guilty, Robert!" (William Hurt in The Village)

Me singing (in a Kermit voice) "...and you wish that you weren't there..." (Muppet Babies theme song)

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