Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Is that...me? plus updates and ramblings

Something I have noticed more and more as I get older: I will be talking about something that people in general do that annoys me, and it never fails that right in the middle of that venting I will suddenly realize that I do the exact same thing. Not only that, but 99% of the time I am talking to Casey, the one person in the world who had that realization waaaaay before I did.

We have a cat named Junebug. Yes, we wash her, but not all that often. She is an indoor/outdoor cat. She thinks that the best spot in the entire house is my spot on the couch. Not Casey's -- mine. Which means that I have to move her almost every time I want to sit down (all the other times I don't bother and just sit on her...just kidding, PETA). One morning last week I woke up, got out of bed, and as I made my way to the mirror to start getting ready for the day, Casey stopped me and asked, "What is that on your face?" (Warning to the squeamish: Look away!) I was like, "What?" Then he reaches up and pulls a HUGE TICK off my cheek. Just one of the many reasons why morning grogginess is a blessing.

Without blogs, I don't think I would have known so much about pregnancy and birth and babies -- and I am talking the hard stuff, not all of the fluff. Not saying I never heard anything else before, but it is amazing what women will share on their blogs. I don't know that I will be doing all of that, but I am glad that somebody is okay with it (thank you Sarah, Jolene and Tyha!...those are the ones I remember at the moment).

It is so easy to get wrapped up in your own little world, full of its own little problems. I do that, you do it too I'm sure. I am trying to get away from that, and instead focus on God and others (JOY = Jesus, Others, Yourself). Why is it so hard to prioritize? It's like, "I'll do this, as long as I get that out of it." How I tire of seeing myself in that light. But there it is. And of course I see others doing the same and I think, "If only you would focus on others, you would find your burdens to be so much lighter!" Wow, was that me saying that? And shouldn't I be standing in front of a mirror when I say it? The easiest thing to do is give great advice to others on how to live their lives. I think there is only one person who walked on this earth that can give the advice, and he lived a perfect life.

I am confessing here and now that I have been bemoaning the same old thing for over a year, and I do NOT want to do it any longer. Yes, I can have my hopes and dreams, but shame on me for feeling so sorry for myself for so long. I want to do better and I will do better. This is, by the way, a difficult thing for me to say.

Casey and I are closing on the house this Thursday, April 28! That means that Casey and I will own a house. How blessed we are. We still move in at the very end of May/first week of June-ish (for Richard, Samantha and Shellie: "Ish-a").

My El Monterey coupons arrived the other day. Hooray! I thought they were being pretty generous by giving me two coupons for 50 cents and two coupons each for a dollar off any of their products (here I come, yummy Cruncheros!). Casey, however, thought they could have sent more. Sigh.

I'm still in physical therapy because my shoulder is as stubborn as the body it's attached to and has yet to be as well as it can be. But I now do exercises at home with resistance tubes, those fun little things.

Carla and Nathan are married and on their honeymoon! I love, just love, seeing that love and all the family and the cake and the happiness. What a wonderful celebration it was, and I am excited to see their smiling, shining faces again. (And now I can't wait for John and Brandi's wedding in July!)

My sister is awesome, and let me tell you why. There is a strength in her that only comes from relying on God, and boy do I need to do that more and more. I am blessed by God through her and through others who have struggles but still cling to God and put their hope in Him.

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