Friday, January 07, 2005

Hmm...what color is my hair again?

Well, I laughed so hard at myself last night that I cried. Casey was in the kitchen making dinner (such a sweet man!) and letting me rest on the couch. I was flipping through the channels and came upon the new show Wickedly Perfect. I didn't really know what was going on, but as they would have each person talking on-camera, their name would be at the bottom of the screen. I called out to Casey, "This woman's name is Mychal-Crafty Beavers!" And I went on to wonder out loud why a person would have a hyphened first name? And isn't that weird? etc. Then another woman was talking, and her name was something like Katrina and then suddenly I realized that after that it said "Team Artisan". So that means that "Crafty Beavers" was a TEAM name, not the woman's name, duh! Before I could even explain my mistake to Casey, I was in the kitchen laughing with tears coming down my face, trying to tell him how extremely blonde I had been. Ah, well. I know that you all have had your own "blonde" moments too!

Here is another pic from my wonderful little camera!

This is right outside Casey's parents' house.

It was right before New Year's Day, and Casey and I went outside to throw his new frisbees. The afternoon sky looked so wonderful, and you can see a jet stream across the middle-top there. I ran back inside to get the camera and snapped a quick photo before we started our frisbee-throwing. I love the trees, and it almost looks like I used a really wide-angle here, but I didn't!

In other news, I was very excited to learn a month or two ago that Casey's favorite Christian musician/composer/singer, Michael Card, will be performing just over an hour away in early February! I was trying to be sneaky about it and order tickets to surprise him for a possible Valentine's Day gift, but while visiting me at work the other day I forgot to cover up the info and Casey innocently pointed to it and asked, "What's this?" I was like, "Oh, Case! That was supposed to be a surprise!" But we both laughed about it, and I was still able to order tickets today (at a much more reasonable price than the Sting tickets). I think it's pretty cool that Casey and I are seeing each of our favorite musicians in concert within just a few months of each other, and what's more is that we are sharing the experience with one another. I absolutely love seeing Casey happy.


Lori said...

Hi Trace! Welcome back. I missed your posts, although I wasn't very active last month either. I love that picture of the trees! Hope you had a blessed Christmas & New Years.

Lori said...

P.S. I'm a blonde but I want you to know I take no offense at your remarks. :) Actually, my blonde is turning gray so I am hoping this will help me not be so "duh!" as often.

Anonymous said...

AHEM! Why would someone have a hyphenated FIRST name, indeed! :P


tracey said...

Okay, so Sally-Anne made me rethink that statement. But let me clarify that when I said, "Isn't that weird", I meant isn't the name 'Mychal-Crafty' weird, not the hyphenated name thing. But thanks to Sally-Anne, I now feel just a little more blonde than before. =)

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