Thursday, August 26, 2004


Sometimes there are those days where things just happen, and you think, "How in the world did that just happen? What are the odds of that?" (or as my brother would say, "What are the evens?")

A lady came into the office where I work today, and she was looking for a room number and told me the name of the person who is supposed to be in that room, maybe to help me a little. I hadn't even begun to tell her that I am still new here (an excuse I've been using for over two months now) when the phone started ringing. I asked her to wait while I answered, and it was a woman looking for my boss who was not in at the time. Suddenly a light came on, and I realized that the woman on the phone was the same person that the woman standing in front of me was looking for! So I told this to the lady on the phone and I'm sure that threw her for a bit of a loop because who expects that kind of thing to happen? Still, I was able to get her office number and direct the other lady to the correct room.

But wait folks, there is more!

School starting back up means students paying for lockers. The law school has this big open "mall" area filled with lockers that each cost $15 per year to rent. I've rented out so many lockers in the past three days I'm surprised I'm not dreaming about it yet. Anyway, we have second- and third-year students renewing their lockers, while some others are renting theirs for the first time. At this point there is not one left, although there is the occasional third-year who decides they no longer need a locker, so they turn in their key and voila! Suddenly we have an available locker. This is what happened this morning (not long after the aforementioned coincidence), so I had just one locker open for rent. A student walked in and asked if we had any lockers, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that one had just become available. I pulled out the index card to write his name on it at the end of a long list of previous names, and he points to the first name on the card (dated about twelve years ago) and says, "That's my uncle's name! Am I getting my uncle's locker?" I told him apparently he was, and was pretty impressed that he had recognized his uncle's handwriting. He said he was very close to his uncle, and had even talked with him this morning. He asked me to make a copy of the index card so he could send it to his uncle, which I did.

What are the evens?

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