Friday, June 06, 2014

Bubble Backstory

I love playing with different types of photo editing apps -- if they are free, don't cost much and don't take up too much space. I'm not picky. Flipagram is really, really fun and their latest update came with some great additions. I had just taken a series of pics on my phone yesterday of Maggie and Moses blowing bubbles, or attempting to anyway, and only wish I'd had video as well because of some of the little moments that took place. Moses has recently been this bubble-blowing expert, but suddenly changed his approach and can't seem to get back in the groove. Maggie has struggled with it all along, but yesterday found she could blow a bubble now and then by holding the wand against her mouth. I know every toddler does it, but all I can imagine is how yucky the soap tastes, and can't they taste the yuckiness of the soap? Thing is, they never seem to care.

Halfway through our end-of-the-day adventure, Maggie took notice that Moses was having trouble, and with a sweet, motherly gesture she held her bubble wand in front of his face as if to say, "Here, I can see that one's not working for you. Try this one." And he tried it! And tried, and tried...of course, she would 'help' him only after using up the soap on her own bubble wand, but it was sweet and funny all the same. But the best part came when she was assisting him, and at the same time blew a soap bubble with just her mouth -- that's how much soap she was leaving on her face! I managed to capture the moment, but I was laughing so hard that Maggie started laughing with me, pretending she was in on the joke.

I honestly hadn't planned on posting today, but having shared the slideshow on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube I thought, "why not share it on the blog?" Difference here is that you have a little backstory now, which I think will help a little more with the enjoyment of the show...which you'll find here.

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