Monday, April 09, 2012

The Pink/Blue Permanence

I don't get to be sneaky all that often. And with our journey of having another child, there weren't lots of ways to surprise anyone, especially ourselves. It's all numbers, labs and the waiting-for-what-seems-an-eternity game.

We told a few people that we'd be finding out the genders of the babies soon, and in fact the date scheduled with the doctor's office was this Friday -- Miles' sixth birthday. It was all very sentimental and sweet, but then last week I found out that Miles was off school today, so I called our doctor's nurse to see if there was any way of moving us up. And there was a cancellation! Here was one of my few chances to be sneaky.

So this afternoon Casey, Miles and I got to find out the big news. It was fun and sweet, and Miles kept rubbing my hand and smiling at me. We're not sharing names just yet, so if you've heard anything about names from us in the it! And as before, we thought we'd let Miles make the announcement:


Edited later to add this: Casey suggested I make the title for the post something that sounded like a 'Big Bang Theory' episode title...which led me to the thesaurus to find synonyms for the word 'fact'. I just thought my readers might enjoy that extra tidbit of information. That is, if you're strange like me.

Another edit: If you can't watch the video, it's just Miles saying, "We're having one boy and one girl!" In the first take I think he said 'one boy and two girls,' after which I said 'Cut!'


Lori said...

Congats! A perfect pair. (Of course any pair would be perfect...) Hope you are feeling okay and trying to get some sort of rest. I have told a couple at church your & Casey's story. It was a real encouragement for them. Hope you don't mind! :)

tracey said...

Thanks Lori! The pregnancy is going well, it's the lingering bronchitis cough that is a little frustrating. But overall things are great! I don't mind you sharing at all, I feel honored! :)

Jolene said...


tracey said...

Thanks Jolene! :)

Leah Maria said...

Yay! You finally get a little girl!! They are so much fun; really fun to dress!!!

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