Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye '11, Hello '12

So much happened this many changes and adjustments, joy and sorrow mixed together. I won't go over all of it again, but I thought I'd share some of my favorite Miles quotes from 2011, plus share a few pictures we took today. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and the three of us spent it together: taking the van through the car wash (Miles' first time, he loved it), going to the park, eating out, then Wii bowling and end-of-the-year photos. That's become a sort of tradition, I think it started when Miles was two.

Miles going through his first car wash

Last family photo of 2011


Me: "Do you know why I love you so much?" Miles (rubbing my back): "Because you're graceful." 

Casey: "Miles, are you going to change the world?" Miles (pausing and thinking): "I am going to change the world, yes!"

Miles, getting his nightly 'kiss attack' from Mama and Daddy: "Man, these kids really like me."

Miles, yesterday to me on the phone: "I love you with a heart."

Me: "Stop moving your legs, it's driving me crazy." Miles: "But they want to talk!"

Miles, after being reprimanded by his mama: "You know you still love me."

Me: "Miles, what to you want to be when you get older?" Miles: "Five." Me: "But what do you want to do?" Miles: "Help Daddy; work with him."

Miles, talking to his Mama (who feels very blessed): "You are so nice. And you are love."

Miles decided to bring his Winnie the Pooh bear in the van when I went for a latte, because 'Pooh-Bear likes to go on adventures.'

Miles wasn't happy with me this morning and told me, "You aren't being very 'buddy' nice."

Miles, after falling down and showing Casey the bump he got: "That very hurts."

I was holding Miles high up in the air and he said, "Don't drop me on the face!"

Me: "Miles, you didn't get a haircut?" Miles: "No, but it's okay. It's very perfect."

Miles saying goodnight to Oz the cat: "Happy daydreams!"

Miles sneezed on the iPod and said, "I just 'blessed you' all over it!"

Miles, standing by the bathroom scale: "Mama, let me see how weigh you are!"

Miles: "Mama, look what I lost for hundred of years...this flashlight!"

Miles to Casey: "You talked right into my eye!" I hate it when that happens.

Miles: "You are the champion girl star." Me: "Really? That's awesome!" Miles: "I don't know how I figured that out!"

Case and Miles were outside and passed by one of our yellow roses. Miles told Casey, "In my heart, I want to give that to Mama." And he did.



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