Saturday, August 27, 2011

What do you expect? He was only born in 2006!

Less than two days after I'd posted this YouTube video featuring comedian Louis CK on Conan, Miles gave a perfect example of how far we've come technologically in such a short time -- and how kids today are completely unaware of it. Thankfully my example is not one of him complaining, but rather...well, just keep reading.

Tonight we were doing a 'family game night' of sorts, something we need to do more often but haven't lately. After dinner Casey suggested we play 'Go Fish' and Miles was beyond excited when I agreed to play with them. Our family game night usually tends to be spent playing a Wii game, like super-strike bowling. But Miles enjoys the card games just as much -- I think for him it's about all of us doing something together.

I think we were just into our second game and it was Miles' turn. Suddenly he stood up and began running toward the bathroom, but stopped to yell back at us, "Pause the game!" and kept going. As Casey mimicked pointing a remote at our pile of cards, I threw my head back and laughed. Miles soon made his way back to the living room, laughing along with me as he had realized what he'd said.

Without getting too deep here, that was one of those moments where I wanted to ask if I could press the pause button and make it last a little longer.

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