Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Christmas Wish

We've never done the 'meeting Santa and getting a picture with him' thing with Miles, but there's a possibility we'll do that this week sometime. So I asked Miles last night at dinner what he would tell Santa he wanted for Christmas if he met him and without hesitation he said, showing me the size with his hands, "A big gun. Not a tiny gun. A big gun." I'm really not sure where he would get this idea since the only gun thing he's been around is a tiny water gun he was given recently. So I said, "You mean like a really big water gun?"

"No, one that shoots things." (Gestures things coming out of the gun.)

"You mean like, soft things?" (Me picturing some kind of Nerf gun.)

"No, hard things."

"But those would hurt people."

Long pause. "Oh."

I know he's four and that he's still unaware of guns and their real danger, but it bothered me just a bit that upon his very first meeting with Santa he would say "I want a big gun!"

Another part of me couldn't help picturing Peter Billingsley in 'A Christmas Story' frantically talking about the Red Ryder BB gun before being kicked down the slide.

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