Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome to Oz

When I learned yesterday that the kitten we'd applied to adopt had been taken, I took Miles (and our good friend Steph) down to the humane society to see if we could find another. 'Simba' was our original choice and his name was going to be Milo, but instead we chose 'Flurry,' an all-white mix who was two months old just as Simba was.

When Casey and I first moved here, we had just adopted an all-white Siamese mix named Toby. He was by far the sweetest cat I've known (sorry, Junebug!) who mysteriously disappeared three months after the move. I was pretty depressed, even missing work for two days over it.

So now we have Oz, who is constantly wanting 'loves' as we call it, and when he's not getting that he is wandering around making his little meowing noises. The toys I picked out yesterday have been a great source of entertainment for him as well as us.

As for Junebug, the 7-year-old cat? She's not so thrilled to see another cat in her territory, but we're not worried. I think they'll be friends eventually, just like she and Toby became.


VmarksTheSpot said...

What a coincidence! I fostered a 2-1/2 month old kitten this week! She was very similar in that when she wasn't playing, she demanded affection and attention. (That, or to be fed.)

tracey said...

Cool, Vivi! We're having fun with him, especially Miles. Junebug is still getting used to 'the invasion.' :)

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