Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday Sweetness

I'm embarrassingly overdue in updating this blog, but I do have my reasons. Promise. I plan on sharing them later, but for now it's going to be all about the cuteness of Miles.

Casey and I have the blessing of having our birthdays one day apart, his on October 11 and mine on the 12th. I think this is still a bit confusing for Miles, who gets caught up in us receiving so many cards in the mail and starts wondering, 'What about me?' That's where the grandmothers have thankfully stepped in and sent him little things as well.

Still, Miles is sweet enough to want to wish each of us a happy birthday, and on Monday night (Casey's birthday) he decided that he wanted to sing for each of us as well! And since I wasn't yet one year older, my memory was intact enough so that I thought to grab the video camera.

I'll be watching these videos every single birthday from now on.

'Happy Birthday to Daddy'

'Happy Birthday to Mama'

1 comment:

Matthew Kooshad said...

that's so sweet/cute!

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