Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monster in the Closet

I realize I haven't posted in a week, and I did want to post sooner but wasn't able. For so many this is a hectic time of year. I enjoy Casey's schedule being less busy, but it feels so strange when the students aren't around. Yes, Steph, that means I miss your smiling face and our awkward hugs!

I don't know how many of you watch horror movies -- I have a strange relationship with them. I mostly don't like them, but I find (some of) them too fascinating to pass up. Casey, on the other hand, will not watch them. I don't think he gets scared so much as he just feels it's a waste of his time. And I don't want to see every scary movie out there, it's just a few that catch my interest...which means that if I do want to watch one, I have to do it alone. Because of this, as you may have guessed, I don't get around to watching many scary movies. If I do, it's in the daytime during Miles' nap, and usually in bits and pieces.

Another thing about me is that I am scared pretty easily. I should say that comes more with the jump-out-and-scare-you type of scaring, not as much with the spooky stuff. But yesterday something happened that was pretty spooky and for a moment I was scared.

Miles had either woken up or hadn't slept at all during his 'quiet time' (our new name for nap time so as to reduce the whining) and there was a loud bang in his room. I was pretty sure it was his closet door because he's been known to close it very loudly. As I was walking through the kitchen I heard him open his bedroom door and say, "Mama?"

"Yes?" I answered, and then he mumbled something I couldn't quite understand. I went to his bedroom to find out what he needed.

"There's somebody at my door," he said, looking at the closet door.

"What?" I asked, not sure I had heard right.

"Somebody's knocking at my door." Miles was saying this like it happened every day. But to me it just seemed like I had walked into a horror film, where the small child keeps directing all the adults toward the scary thing behind the door. I know Miles has an imagination, but this was not what I'd hoped for at all. For one split second I wanted to run the other way, but I knew I needed to stay composed for his sake. Besides, I was thinking, how could there be anything in his closet door...trying to get out? Gulp.

I took a deep breath and stepped to the closet, realizing how silly I was to think that something would actually be there. Not two seconds had passed when I saw something move (amazingly I didn't scream) and run out.

It was Junebug. The cat. Our cat.

I laughed in relief and also wondered how long she'd been in there. I asked Miles if he'd closed her up in the closet, and I can't remember what he told me, but at this age it is so hard to know if what they're saying is really what happened.

One thing I do know: I've had my fill of scary movies for a while.


Sally-Anne said...

I think the last truly scary movie I saw was What Lies Beneath -- with you!

jmberrygirl said...

Too funny! I do stuff like that everytime I see a scary movie. I hate them and refuse to watch, too.

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