Thursday, November 05, 2009

Blessed By a Song

My brother Trevor has always been a very gifted musician, something he most definitely inherited from our dad. Both of them like to record and mix and all of that stuff I don't even come close to understanding.

I wanted to share Trevor's (the name on his music is Laing, which is also his last name) latest song that can be found at CDBaby as well as in the iTunes store. It's called, "May His Mercy Fall on You" and is something you've got to hear. I know I may be a bit biased, but tons of people know Trev's music and will tell you the same thing: he is truly talented. I'm always impressed by both his musical knowledge and his ability to make what he's doing sound so easy, but I know he puts so much work and passion into all that he does. What's best is that he uses his gifts to God's glory.

If you want to be encouraged and blessed today, go and listen to this song!

1 comment:

Luke Family said...

I have some of his music & was actually listening to it earlier this week. He has an AMAZING gift & I'm so glad he shares it with all of us!

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