Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Portrait of a Rascal

Our house has a fairly nice, woodsy backyard that we enjoy, especially because of the wildlife that frequently passes through. I can't tell you how many deer we've seen. Lunchtime today included a close view (thanks to the sun room) of a mama deer and her fawn!

We've seen a red fox, snakes, turtles (most of whom live in our pond), squirrels and lots of frogs. Nighttime brings some more sneaky creatures, namely raccoons, who try their best at getting to our bird feeder and chowing down on what's fallen below it. Junebug, our cat, never seems to care about the raccoons stopping by, even when there have been as many as three at a time. Casey, however, is not as welcoming and will chase them off.

On Saturday afternoon Casey was out of town. I didn't think he'd quite believe it unless I took a picture of it, but one of those rascally raccoons was brazen enough to visit our bird feeder in the middle of the day! Not only that, but when we were looking at it and even tapping on the sun room window it would look up and then just keep on with its business. The nerve!

Still, it makes a cute picture, don't you think?


jmberrygirl said...

Cute, but keep your kitty away. They can be pretty mean and there's nobody out there giving rabies shots to wild ones.

John Shore said...

I have to say that while there are a great many words I would use to describe ol' Rocky here, "cute" might not be among, say, the top-10 of them. He/she looks so ... Seriously Intense.

I looooove raccoons. I love this picture.

tracey said...

Jen ~ Well, she's an outside cat at night when they usually visit, but I don't think she goes near them. Just watches them from afar. You'd think she'd be bothered, but she just acts like, 'whatever...go ahead and eat the birdseed.' : )

John ~ Of course I was being a bit facetious in using the word 'cute' here, but I'm glad you like the picture! Do you really love raccoons? Is it just because of The Beatles? : )

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