Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Friday Question!

When I exercise, I try to choose that which I will enjoy most. Okay, sometimes exercise is just tough and you're going to seriously hurt later...but some things can be work and fun.

Back in the day, I was a rollerblading fool. I got my first pair of rollerblades in high school, but I didn't use them too much. The day after high school graduation, I went with three marching band friends (no band geek jokes, please!) to a park where all but one of us promptly slid down a hill and skinned up our knees and elbows. The one guy who didn't fall watched the whole thing and said, "That was so awesome!" Meanwhile, we're lying on the ground bleeding. Ah, memories.

Anyway, when I was in college I decided to invest in some more expensive 'blades. (I don't know if anyone calls them that, but maybe I'll start something.) This was the real beginning of my love for in-line skating. At one time, I think I was about 21 years old, I was skating roughly nine miles a day. And this was before iPods, so I would attach the extremely cool Walkman or Discman and go. And I would go fast. I fell only a couple of times over many years, and I was afraid at times that I was really going to hurt myself with how fast I was going. But the music powered me and gave me a sense of daring that I usually didn't possess. So off I went, zooming down the sidewalk or -- when it was completely empty -- the middle of the road. Sorry Mom!

There are other forms of exercise I enjoy: power walking, yoga, ultimate frisbee, weightlifting. Running? No. Jogging? Nope. Stair-climbing? Uh-uh. I mean, I can do those things, but if there's another option that is more enjoyable, I'm choosing that instead. And I almost always need music in my ears. With the music, I can get completely lost in the fact that I'm even working up a sweat!

So finally, to the 'Fun Friday Question': If you exercise, is it something you find enjoyable? Is there a specific form of exercise that is easier for you to do because it's more enjoyable? Do you also require music when you exercise?

Okay, that was more than one can answer one or none or all of them!


Megan Donovan said...
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Jana Green said...

I remember when you could jump those benches at ACU. Didn't Trevor skate too?

Music doesn't help as much as doing it WITH someone. If I have someone to go with me, I'll stick to it.

tracey said...

Megan ~ Thanks for visiting and sharing! I'm sorry, but I did delete your's only because I really didn't want that link connected to my blog. But I do appreciate you visiting!

Jana ~ Can't believe you remember that! No, Trevor didn't skate. I don't think he's ever tried it. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

DANCING! Yes that does include music..
I love to dance with my kids the most!

tracey said...

Melissa ~ Yes, awesome! I love that much fun when Miles and I are dancing together. Making memories and burning calories at the same time! :)

Elisa said...

I love love love love rollerblading! I played in a women's inline hockey league for 5 years when I lived in St. Louis, and it's one of the things I miss most about living there.

Also, I am with you re: music while exercising. Makes the time go so much faster!

As for exercise I like, it's mainly the sweating I like. And the good muscle pain.

I'm gonna need to get my inline skates out soon. ;)

tracey said...

E ~ I didn't know that about you, the inline hockey league thing. I'm so jealous, that sounds so fun! I remember you as being so energetic, always exercising, running, etc. Why didn't we skate together? And hey, if you get those skates out soon...come visit me! : )

Sally-Anne said...

I require music (or TV) when doing something like the treadmill.

I don't find exercise generally enjoyable. One (perhaps the only) form of exercise I do find enjoyable is swimming. So that's definitely easier to's hard to STOP me when I have the chance.

tracey said...

I seem to remember you talking about swimming at some point when we worked together. That's awesome that you love it, because it's one of the best kinds of exercise!

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