Monday, August 03, 2009

Feeling Monk-ish

Yesterday I saw an ad on TV that made a little pain to shoot through my heart as I softly said, "Oh nooooo..."

The final season of Monk begins on Friday.

It is a long-running show (this will be its eighth season), but it's always sad when the brilliant ones come to an end. And if you haven't had the chance to see this show, you are missing out -- go set your DVR now!

I discovered Monk soon after it began and promptly got Casey hooked as well. What's scary in watching it is beginning to realize how 'Monk-ish' you might be yourself (I'm probably more Monk-ish than Casey). But the fun part is finding other Monk fans out there, and one couple in particular shares our love for this show. Yesterday I broke the sad news to them, that this was the last season. But the plan is to get together on Friday night to see the premiere, and hopefully each show of this season. I say the more, the merrier!

The link in the second paragraph gives an overview of the show, in case you're unfamiliar. It really doesn't do justice to it, though, or give you the little gems found in every scene. Seriously, Tony Shalhoub did not win an Emmy for this role several times over for nothing. If you liked him even just a tiny bit as Antonio on Wings, you will adore him as Adrian Monk. Okay, starting to sound like I'm doing a review, so I'll wrap it up...

How Monk-ish am I? I'll give you a couple of things, but they're just small examples. One is that I like the volume on the TV to be an even number. I've tried -- honestly -- to give the odd numbers a go, but it bothers me too much, and I'm back on a 24 or 26. Another example is that if I am holding a TV remote (do I watch too much TV? Hmm...) I have to run my thumb over certain remote buttons in a certain pattern. I've done this to the point of rubbing off words/symbols on some of the buttons. And yes, it does drive me crazy, so I have made an effort to just put down the remote. And phobias? I don't think it's extreme, but I do have a fear of climbing ladders, although I haven't always been like that. But Casey can certainly attest to that fear, because he's seen me go up the attic ladder and the mild panic that sets in when I'm on the way up, down, or just in the attic trying to figure out how to get down without falling. We've had some good laughs over it, although not in that moment when I'm actually on the ladder.

So tell Monk-ish are you?

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