Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here, Fill Out This Paperwork

The new journey I mentioned in the last post is beginning sooner than we had thought. We had an appointment at one fertility clinic for the end of August, but found another clinic further away where we would prefer to go after seeing that they offered some things the first place did not. No, it's not free vanilla lattes while you wait. Don't I wish!

Our first appointment is on Monday. Casey printed out the monstrous amount (23 pages) of 'new patient information' sheets, and we spent most of our lunch hour yesterday filling those out. Actually, I had started mine a good hour before that, because of course with the woman they need to know every tiny detail, like what you had for a midnight snack on April 23, 2007 (beets and water). While for the man it's a breezy two-page deal asking things like, "How do you feel about so-and-so being sidelined with a knee injury this year?" No...I'm not bitter.

But I digress.

I would like to say that I'm super-excited about waiting around in a sterile room for test after test, question after question, and the discussion of how romantic it will be to transfer and freeze mine and Casey's embryos. Yeah, I'd really like to say I'm excited about it. But I'm not.

What I am looking forward to -- see, I can 'look forward' to something without being excited -- is the fact that we are getting things done sooner than I thought we would. The whole process still takes a good while, up to a couple of months sometimes, so it's not like I could be making an announcement anytime soon. But still, an appointment on Monday beats an appointment at the end of August any day, right?

I'm sharing all of this lightheartedly, and in some ways I enjoy doing that because humor is how Casey and I partly survived all that crazy hospitalness a few years ago (will this woman ever stop talking about 2006?!?). The humor doesn't mean I don't hurt over it, but it does mean I'm dealing better with it than I was a week ago, two days ago, etc. It means God is at work.


Richard Maddeaux said...

Much love and many good wishes to both of you.

Anonymous said...

YAY for God being at work! :)

- Laura
(I had to post as anonymous because it's been so stinkin' long since I blogged, I have no clue what my password is...I think I might know where it's written). Hmmm...

Sarah said...

Wait... you snack on beets? :-o

You can share about 2006 as long as you like. There are things that happen to you in life that change you forever... and sometimes you need to just talk about it!

Praying the best for you.

Robin said...

I don't think Chris had to answer one QUESTION, let alone fill out paperwork. Not to mention, he got to be the spectator of the lovely exams and my ride home from the HSGs, surgery, etc. I just do not think men could handle all that a woman goes through to bring children into this world. In a way, it makes me feel empowered to know that I CAN. But it is wonderful to have loving husbands who are there to be our support through all of this. On the "plus" side, we have both been "fortunate" to at least KNOW where the problem lies. I would hate to be one of the couples who really never receive any of those answers. It helps to know where the time and energy must be spent. I'm happy for you that you are able to get an earlier appt. Wishing you strength through all of this!

tracey said...

Richard ~ Thank you...we miss you, friend!

Laura ~ hearing your thoughts here. Hope you find that password! :)

Sarah ~ Thanks. And no, actually, the beets was just a funny thing relating to The Office, and strangely the first thing that came to mind.

Robin ~ You're right about feeling empowered, and the loving husband part. I need reminding of these good things, so thank you! And I'm also glad that we don't have to really wonder why we can't get pregnant on our own. After all, we did have one kid, so I'm hoping we'll be considered good candidates.

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