Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dark Coincidences

Last night was mine and Casey's weekly 'date night,' wherein we usually stay home and watch a movie or a favorite show, maybe play some Skip-Bo or Trivial Pursuit. Once in a great while we will go out for dinner and/or a movie, but because that involves paying money for the outing and a babysitter we tend to opt for the 'night in' version.

As we headed out to a church event in the early evening, Casey and I were trying to decide which of our two movie choices we would watch when we got back home and put Miles to bed. It would either be Prince Caspian or The Dark Knight. We hadn't said yet which one each of us would like to watch.

"Let's count to three and then say the name of the movie we want to see at the same time," I suggested. You can see that I am the ideas person in the family.

Casey agreed -- although I get the feeling he felt a bit silly -- and we both counted, "One...two...three..."

"Dark Knight!" we said together and then laughed.

"See, that was the best way," I told him. "Now we know for sure it's what we both want!"

And no kidding, not two minutes had gone by when we passed a Domino's Pizza where they've been having different guys standing outside with a sign advertising their $5 pizzas. Normally they're in a toga, dancing around to their iPod music, but guess what who the guy was dressed as this time?

The Joker.

My response, "It's a sign -- we picked the right movie!"

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