Monday, October 13, 2008

Milestones: Month 30

Dear Miles,

It seems like only yesterday that I was posting these six-month-old pictures of you:

I do miss those days sometimes, when you were just a babbly, drooling thing without any hair or teeth to speak of. You were a constantly moving bundle of energy, although in that regard you haven't changed much...

But thankfully now you have some hair and plenty of teeth!

These days you are into...well, everything. But one thing that you must have when we leave the house is your 'glasses.' These are actually your sunglasses that we bought as summer began, and they have become your staple. I've noticed that you generally just like to wear glasses. Mama and Daddy wear glasses in the morning before we put our contacts in, and we wear sunglasses when we go out. Naturally, you want to do the same.

Nothing has changed about your love and excitement of being outdoors. Daddy and I even have to be careful about saying the word 'outside' because if there isn't a chance that you'll be going there...well, it won't be a happy moment. You're still not the kid who enjoys being messy -- I don't think you ever will be -- but you have surprised me with just how dirty those hands, feet and face can get!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love laughing with you. Humor, goofiness and silliness runs pretty deep in both your parents, and I think you've quickly learned that. You have your subtle moments, but mostly your humor is a laugh-out-loud kind of thing.

Junebug tends to be the more subtle one in the family anyway...

You do well at trying new things (although don't think you'll be driving anytime soon, mister!), but your cautious side still comes out. Just like with anything, I believe, it helps you to see us do something first or not be afraid ourselves.

You and your Daddy are like two peas in a pod. And where he goes, you want to follow. I can see that he is your hero, and I can also see that he is totally fine with that. And the silliness! When the two of you start your silliness, there's just no stopping it.

As the mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old, I know and expect that there is going to be lots of running, laughing, playing, shouting...and yes, even some drama from time to time. But one thing that still catches me off-guard is your thoughtfulness and your pensive moments. I have watched you listening to a song, really taking it in and absorbing every note within the melody. I love seeing your mind work, as you wonder about a bug or butterfly, or as you put a sentence together to tell me something you've learned.

And how you melt my heart, Miles -- every single day. There are times when I just cannot possibly soak in enough of the amazing person you are, times when I wish I could freeze a moment that we are sharing.

You are, and always will be, my sweet Miles.

Love, Mama


Syndi said...

He looks so much like your nieces and nephew in the one with Junebug! He is so adorable and looking so grown up too. You are a sweet mommy to write such a heartfelt post. I hope you and Casey both had great birthdays! I was thinking about you and didn't get a chance to write. I miss you and wish I could be there to hear the silliness! I bet you are all hilarious together!

tracey said...

Well...I guess I'll let you off the hook this time for not writing on our birthdays...I guess just having had a fourth kid can be your excuse. =) Miles reminds me of Kamie at times, especially when he really gets to giggling. I miss you too! And really, do you really wish you could hear all the silliness? Because let me tell is silly. =) Thanks Syndi. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. And that last picture...he is really growing isn't he?

tracey said...

Thanks Joy. And, yes, I think he looks terribly grown up in the last picture! =)

Ruthie said...

simply precious!:)

Matthew Kooshad said...

he's really cute. i love miles and you and casey.
peace and love to you all,

tracey said...

Thanks Ruthie!

Thanks Matthew! You're very sweet. =)

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