Monday, October 06, 2008


Speaking of anniversaries (since I've mentioned so many here lately), today is a big day.

Thirty years ago on this day, my family arrived in Dallas, Texas having left our home country of Rhodesia in Africa for good. If I remember the story correctly -- having been just shy of three years old, I have to go on stories rather than memory -- we had in our possession just a few trunks and about one thousand dollars. My dad was my age, 32, and my mom was only 28. My three older siblings and I were nine, seven, four and two years old. I would turn three in just six more days, so I was a few months older than Miles is now.

It is so easy to lay out all the facts of our coming to the States, and so much more difficult to express all the ways in which we've been blessed in doing so. There will never be enough words to thank my parents for the chances they took in leaving absolutely everything they knew behind. Like I said, my dad was my age at the time -- would I have had that same courage? I honestly don't know. But I know that I am truly thankful to my parents for their example of faith in a God who has watched over us through it all.


Jenece said...


I enjoyed this appreciative post to your family for their courage and migration.

I have often given my mother and great grand parents kudos for just moving to Texas from W. Virginia..which by the way, is almost like a third world country or like visiting the past. So, I couldn't imagine taking that big of a step to move.

What was it like in Africa? I hear it's one of the prettiest places to see, particularly their sunsets are fantastic. Being that you were only 3 years old you may not recall a lot but I bet you have photos of it.

tracey said...

Thanks Jenece! I would love to be able to describe Africa as well as my parents do, but you're right, I do not remember much. I think I have two flashes of memory from my time there. Mostly it's just photos and stories from family.

Ruthie said...


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