Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Your friendly neighborhood library

You know how weird stuff happens sometimes? Just coincidental things? Yesterday morning Miles and I were on our way to the library, where I've been trying to take him at least once a week for 'Toddler Time.' That's on Friday mornings, but on Monday mornings they have a children's morning movie. We've never been to that, but I decided to take him because I thought he'd enjoy it, plus it was just a short little five-part fable movie.

For some odd reason, I was thinking on the way about how accidents and things can happen in a split second, especially when you're just not paying attention. And I was thinking about how horrible that would be, that kind of thing happening just because Miles and I were out for a drive to the library. Don't worry -- we didn't get into an accident! But something car-related and strange still happened.

The fables movie was nearly over -- I think we were watching the last one -- and the 'Toddler Time' librarian (Nancy...she's so awesome) came over to me and asked if we owned a certain type of car. I said yes, getting that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was in a fender-bender a couple of months ago (not my fault) and came out of it with just a bumper scratch. What had happened now?

Apparently, someone had pulled out of a library parking space and hit not one, but two parked cars -- then drove off! Lucky for me and the other lady whose car was hit, we had a witness to the whole thing. Seems that it was an underage driver with an adult, and the kid was pulling out of the space going forward (yeah...he wasn't even backing up, that's how badly he was driving). I guess then the adult driver decided he should drive after two cars were hit, and they sped off, out of the entrance instead of the exit, with the witness trying but not succeeding in getting the plate number.

But wait! One of the librarians knew who it was, hooray! After the policeman arrived she gave him their information and then he took all of our information, along with the witness' account. And of course, everyone and their dog was driving by, wondering what this woman and I have done I'm sure, because we're standing there talking with the policeman and the witness. I think I was trying to look very nonchalant and maybe even smiling so that people would understand that things weren't all bad. I really shouldn't even care, but I know that I always look to see who's talking with a cop, don't you? And the first thing I think is not, "Hey, I'll bet someone hit their car and drove off."

I think what got all of us most was that this happened at our local library. I mean, you expect this thing just about any other place, especially a hit-and-run type of situation. But at the library? Come on, people -- we're here to read!


Sally-Anne said...

That parent (?) should be ashamed for not only driving off, but teaching his teenager that that's OK to do! Way to encourage responsibility.

Glad everyone's OK though!

My first car wreck (of two total that I've been in) had a freaky foreshadowing too. I was backing out of my spot (outside my apartment in Abilene) and didn't see someone driving behind me and almost backed into them (or almost caused them to ram into ME). It was a close call, and I was shaky the whole drive in to the ARN, thinking how quickly something can happen. And then...someone ran a blinking red light across my blinking yellow (I was driving along S. 1st) and I smashed into them head-on.

tracey said...

Yeah, not sure if that was a parent or what...either way, very irresponsible. Your story is a crazy one, way more coincidental than mine was. I'm trying to remember if I knew about that -- were we working together then? That is just horrible!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your car getting hit, and the irresponsibility is a shame, but I have to tell you I am laughing! What idiot SPEEDS off from the library, where they obviously know people, for a quick getaway?? haha. I hope they have to pay dearly.

Sally-Anne said...

Hmm, my Abilene accident was in late January of 2000. Were we working together yet? Maybe just.

tracey said...

S-A, I started working there in mid-January 2000, so right about the time it happened...I guess we weren't in big-time friend mode yet. And we certainly weren't going to movies together yet! =)

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