Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Miles: "Dad. Mom. Let's talk."

Miles is getting this talking thing down! Yesterday I was working on our mountain of laundry that was created from our vacation, and he comes to me and asks, "Mama...what are you doing?" I was so taken aback by how well he put it all together that it took me a minute to answer him. It's so tough not to laugh when your kid is cute, even sometimes when they misbehave. I don't want him to think I'm laughing at him, but is so funny when this little man talks to me!

Ever since we spent our last couple of vacation nights with Casey's folks, Miles has taken to calling Casey 'Dad' instead of 'Daddy.' Of course there's nothing wrong with it, and I'm sure he picked up Casey calling his own dad that and started imitating him. I think it's just that 'Daddy' sounds much cuter and less...I don't know, grown-up or something. Save that for later, kid, he is Daddy! And then to my amusement (and yes, a little dismay), Miles began saying to me last night, "Hey, Mama -- Mom" and today it was all just 'Mom.' What?!? I am Mama. At least until you are more than five years old. Sigh...but still, it was pretty funny listening to him say that last night during his bath. He kept wanting my attention to show me his new boo-boo, so every five seconds (give or take) it was, "Hey Mama? Mom!" and then, "This is boo-boo."

I mentioned several months ago that we took the side of Miles' crib to make it a sort of toddler bed, and he has done amazingly well in that he does not get out of his bed all that much. And if he does, he still stays in his room (except for those first couple of mornings). But yesterday I was on the computer at the end of his nap time and was about to go and get him when my door opens and in walks Miles. He had this 'I know what I did!' grin on his face as he said, "Hi Mama!" I just laughed and of course thought that my child was as cute as could be. Until today, that is, when two hours before his nap time should be over he walks in with the same -- if not more -- grin of confidence and announces, "Hi Mama!"

"Miles!" I said in a reproachful tone, and I saw his smile fade immediately. "You are supposed to be sleeping, this is nap time! You don't get out of your bed!" But I felt so bad at seeing his little face look so confused, like, 'What happened? This so worked yesterday!' So I made the mood a little lighter while taking him back to his bed and fortunately he has not stirred since.


Syndi said...

Elena is doing that too. Daniel leaves at 5 or so every morning, so when she wakes up she always says, "Woo my dad?" And that's where, not who's my dad! When Ema was little, I had her calling him Daddio, which sounded really cute, but then we all got out of the habit so now we're down to "dad" too. I know how you feel about it sounding too grown up though! Glad to hear you are all doing well!

Sally-Anne said...

Miles usually naps for longer than two hours? That sounds nice!!

tracey said...

Syndi, that's hilarious! I like the 'daddio' thing too. They're too cute.

Sally-Anne ~ yeah, it's usually about a 2.5 hour nap, but it varies at times. I know it won't last forever, so I'm trying to enjoy it when I can! He used to take a morning and afternoon nap, but that ended as he got older. I honestly didn't know how I'd survive, but I guess I did! =)

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