Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gordon, Andy and Stewart: thanks for the memories!

As you may remember, Casey and I took our five-year anniversary trip last year to St. Louis, MO where we saw none other than The Police in concert (here is that fascinating story). I'd already seen Sting in concert five times, so why not see him reunited with his old band? When I found out early this year that they were returning to North America, to cities they hadn't visited, I thought to myself, "I've already seen Sting in concert five times plus seen him reunited with his old band once...why not see them again?" Obviously you can see how logical my thought process can be when it comes to Sting.

From what I've heard, this is it for them: no more reuniting, no more big tours and such, but even before I heard that I had my tickets. I just had to find someone to go with me, because yes, Casey loves me deeply -- he just doesn't love Sting or The Police enough to drive eight-plus hours to see them in concert. So I wrangled one of my girlfriends since one of her two kids would be out of town during that time and therefore she wouldn't feel so bad leaving her husband behind, and the two of us set off early in the morning this past week for good ol' Dallas, Texas.

Meagan is an awesome travel partner, I must say. I knew she and I would talk and talk and talk, but I really thought we'd rest more from the talking, that or run out of stuff to say at some point, but we didn't! Lots of laughs and a few missed turns later, we made it to the hotel to change and get to the show...although we missed some turns doing that as well, but fortunately we only missed the opener (Elvis Costello) and not the show.

Casey and I had thoroughly enjoyed the concert last July...only for me, the one little thing I would have changed was that dratted old wound. I still hadn't had my final abdominal surgery to fix all that craziness, so at the concert I was very aware of that discomfort. It didn't completely ruin the night by any means, but it was just a constant nagging reminder, something that I wished had been different so that my enjoyment might have been closer to 100 percent.

If you like concerts, if you have attended your favorite musician's or band's concerts, you recognize how fleeting that experience is. It is the kind of thing that you just can't hold onto, but it is a powerful few hours that sticks with you always -- again, I'm talking to people who enjoy concerts, because not everyone does. I think Casey is okay with them, but it's not something he will readily attend. He has enjoyed himself, but he was definitely there more for me. As I was saying, the live music experience to me is such a powerful thing, and if you aren't fully in the moment while it's going on, you might truly miss out. For me, I find that it's like a dream, or trying to remember one, and you are grasping at it but can't quite hold on. Then it's gone.

So, having said all of that, I have to tell you that of course this time around there was no wound (woohoo!) and I felt I could completely be tuned in with all that went on. And wow, was it ever an awesome thing. I could tell there were changes from last year, from the setup of the stage to the setlist itself -- and Sting was sporting a full beard! That was cool, but just different...I just kept marveling at the beard for some reason. Oh, and the music...never a disappointment. There were all my favorites, the top one being 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic' and the lesser known 'Next to You' which they played on their third (?) encore. So awesome. It was all over much too soon, but as I sit here (wearing my new Police shirt) I know that the entire experience -- from my travels with Meagan and our growing friendship to the ultimate band reunion concert -- will circle its way through my memories for a very long time.


Shellie said...

I'm glad you had such a good time. I haven't been to many concerts, but if you get a hankering to go to one again, let me know and I'll be game!

tracey said...

Okay, I'll definitely keep you in mind, Shell! That way if I need to go to Dallas again we can just meet there or something! I've seen Sting there in that same venue before, so maybe he'll be there again at some point. =)

Sarah said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad you got to go and have fun. :) The last time I went to a concert was...hmm. Probably one of those free ones at ACU. :'( Must. Go. To. Concert. Soon!

Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about that fleeting feeling. That is how I feel after EVERY Aerosmith concert. You want to share that feeling with the world, but you know it wouldn't mean to someone else what it means to you. Last time I saw them I was so close to the stage I was shaking. haha. There is nothing like being that close to the talent that produces the music that is a part of your soul.

Leah Maria said...

I'm glad there is someone else out there that feels that the experience to a live show is just powerful. There are shows that I can't even really put to words on how it made me feel. It really is an awesome experience.

tracey said...

Sarah, I've been to those ACU concerts, but not a venue The Police are going to play! =)

Joy, I think you said it perfectly: "There is nothing like being that close to the talent that produces the music that is a part of your soul."

Hey Leah, I'm glad we have that connection...I'll have to hear about your experiences sometime!

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