Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby birds and 'worth a thousand words'

Here's the most recent photo of the baby birds (eggs seen in April 26 post). I took this one six days ago, but when we looked at them a few days later they weren't even fluffy anymore! I mean, they had all these grown-in feathers, and one of the babies was even staring at me with its beady eye. Poor little things, they were cowering in there as I tried to peek in. They were so cute!

Ah, and this photo showcases Miles' ability to be just as goofy as his parents! This is just a random fun photo, taken last month at our local Double Decker Festival. We were riding one of the city's double decker buses when I took this, and fortunately got the last few spots on the top deck. This was our first time on the bus...but due to the cooler weather that weekend, it wasn't quite the magical springtime ride I was hoping for. Still, I did get this priceless shot plus a few others, so I had to share.

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