Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home again!

Thanks so much to all the well-wishers, and for the thoughts and prayers! We made it home today not long after noon. It was perfect timing because Miles takes a nap in the afternoon. So after bringing all our things in and changing him, it was time for that glorious nap (I really mean my nap rather than his -- I was pooped!).

Miles' oxygen levels were back up to normal this morning outside of the mist tent. He's still a little crackly when he breathes, but that's to be expected. Casey and I will have to give him breathing treatments four times a day, tapering off for the next two weeks, plus he has an antibiotic that will last almost that long. He doesn't know yet about the treatments, but he will in just a couple of hours...and he ain't gonna like it.

For some reason I felt the need to document Miles' time in the hospital. I took quite a few photos, and so I'll hopefully post those soon. Some are funny, some are a little sad just because he's this little guy in the hospital. And then there are the ones where I decided to get artistic. It can get pretty boring in that room at times!

Thanks again to all of you. We are so blessed.

1 comment:

pshaw said...

Miles must be a trooper. Good to hear that he's home.

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