Sunday, January 06, 2008

Updates, Organization and Some Ramblings

Since sorting through my thoughts on the New Year, and then sharing them here on Trace Talks, I have been in a much calmer state of mind. I am handling Miles the way I really think I should -- not that I never did it before, but now I'm just more consistent about it -- and I am in a more positive state of mind. I am delving into the Word each evening as well, which is always such a peaceful way to end the day.

Casey and I have been super-busy-bees since we arrived home from visiting family just a few days ago. Normally I am so spent that I just want to lie down for the next week before I get back to any kind of normal routine. But for some reason the organization bug hit me, and off I went, clearing out one corner and then another. We decided to change up our bedroom just a bit and finally have the reading corner we've wanted for so long (the corner has actually been sitting bare, waiting for it's chair). Having a sort of 'sanctuary' we can go to, where we really enjoy how everything is arranged, is such a great feeling. Okay, the walls are still pretty bare, but we'll get to that someday. One step at a time, people!

But seriously, it's crazy how I've had all these space-saving ideas come flooding into my head in just a few days. All I did was go through a little three-drawer storage thing (which now doubles as my nightstand), plus we moved the bookcase and hamper to new locations -- and I cleaned out and organized the bookcase -- and then an idea for the laundry room hit me as we were strolling through Casey's favorite store: Home Depot. Shelves! I'll put these shelves in the laundry room, and I can store things here, both for the laundry room but also from our pantry (which really doesn't exist; we just use the cabinets). Woohoo! And so I was off and running, although we still haven't purchased the shelves because the money's not quite available at the moment. Hopefully I won't lose momentum before they're here and put together.

Miles is just a week away from being three months away from his second birthday. His second birthday! It is just too much. And the hair on his head seems to grow exponentially by the day. I know that he will need a little trim in the back before too long, but I am holding out as long as I can. Once you start cutting that baby hair, that is it -- it's never that fine again. Well, maybe some people get lucky, but with Casey's hair being as coarse as it is (and I mean that in the best way, believe me), I don't think we'll be those people.

I think about having a second baby a lot. Maybe not as much as I thought about having my first baby, but it comes pretty close. It's so crazy how a mother can so easily forget all the pain and just see the beautiful baby...but that's where I am. And no, we don't have a definite plan for the next one. We sort of have this tentative plan out there, but Casey and I have talked about it, and we just really want this to be very God-based. And yes, it should be anyway, but we didn't focus on it that way the first time. We want to spend more time in prayer about it -- not overthink things as best we can -- and see where God's will takes us. That doesn't mean I won't stop occasionally wanting a baby now, but it will help.

Speaking of babies, it's time to go wake my boy from his nap. There's not a whole lot more beautiful than Miles just woken up...except maybe Miles just fallen asleep.


Shellie said...

Sounds like your 2008 is off to a great start! You are doing better than me with the organizing thing. I think within the next week I'll have Samantha's old room done and painted so that I can have my office/playroom and be able to reclaim the rest of the rooms in my house.

And Syndi has a blog now. I don't know how often she'll post, but she does have a funny Eli story up now.

tracey said...'re going to have a playroom? Nice. =)

Okay, but don't tell me Syndi has a blog and then not leave the address!!

Shellie said...

There's a link on my blog.

Sarah said...

I will be praying for God's hand in your desire for another little one. :) (Sorry, that just jumped off the page to me first thing...of course...) Aren't they addictive little things? I'm "struggling" a little with my desire too. :)

I do agree that newly fallen asleep babies are just slightly more beautiful than newly woken up babies. Hehe!

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