Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tagged am I

10 years ago I: was 22 years old and in my (first) senior year of college. This was the semester in which I discovered that photography was my true passion. I had never felt the way I was feeling about any of my college classes, and when my photography prof could see that, he spent only a little time convincing me to switch majors (I was then in electronic media). It was a great decision, and he was an awesome adviser. He pushed me more than I wanted him to, but I needed that at times.

5 years ago I: had only been married for seven months, and was just beginning a new job within the same company I had been working for the past three years. I was blissfully happy in marriage, but I was struggling with my auto-immune disorder, which was at its height then.

3 years ago I: was living in a new state! I was working in a law school, of all places, and Casey and I were living in a rent house (I miss that huge porch) and had no clue we were about to find the house we're living in now. That's because we hadn't even planned on looking for a house to buy for another year! Also, at that time I was in full baby-fever mode, but I wouldn't be pregnant for another eight months. Currently I am in semi-full baby-fever mode again.

1 year ago I: had just had some minor surgery and was in a LOT of pain. I was dealing with way too many things physically, and I am so blessed I'm not there anymore! Miles was not quite one year old, had just started I was praying for a very peaceful year, but I think this one might be more peaceful for us. Only God knows.

Yesterday I: did a lot of knitting on some drawstring pants I'm making for Miles. Yeesh, these things are taking way too long! I honestly don't think they'll fit him by the time I'm done, but someone is going to wear these pants! I also did a lot of blog catching-up, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Today I: haven't done too much yet. I haven't even had breakfast. Case left a little while ago for his weekly staff meeting, and Miles is busy watching Elmo.

5 snacks I enjoy: Brachs chocolate-covered raisins, 100 calorie mini-pack popcorn (the best), hot cocoa, vanilla latte, Cheetos

5 things I would do with $1 million: pay off mine and my immediate family members' debt (plus give them some extra), take all of my family to see other family across the world, give to something like Christian Relief Fund or 100x Missions, invest, get that deck built for Casey that he's been wanting for quite a while now!

5 places I would love to run away to: Hawaii, that horse ranch I visited in Hico back in 2000, anywhere with Case and Miles, did I mention Hawaii?, DisneyWorld (our honeymoon spot)

5 TV Shows I like: Lost (woohoo, starting back up again!), Intervention, Frasier, Friday Night Lights, Ugly Betty

5 things I hate doing: going out in the bitter cold, trying to fix my hair when it's unfixable, getting out of bed really early, saying goodbye to Miles when he's oblivious we'll be gone for a while, cleaning out the coffee maker

5 biggest joys of the moment: Miles in his pajamas carrying around his Pooh-Bear, getting a chance to sit down at my new iMac and read fun blogs, seeing Case in his new Old Navy sweater looking so young and cool (he is a campus minister after all), looking forward to a cup of coffee, knowing that I can snuggle with Miles inside today while it's 30 degrees outside!

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Shellie said...

Thanks for doing my tag. I'm so glad you chose photography. It just fits you!!

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