Wednesday, October 17, 2007


After quite a while (read: years) of not doing any yoga, I decided to jump back in full force two days ago. Let me tell you, I think there are muscles that were hidden away that are now very sore. Really, though, I enjoy yoga more and more each time I come back to it. It is fascinating how challenging it can be just holding different poses. I'm going to be a bit wobbly for a while, but my goal is to get in some yoga time three or four times a week. At least once a week I'll rollerblade -- something I used to do every single day, for miles, back when I was a lot stronger (and about ten years younger). I want to be that physically strong again, but it will take lots of work. Meanwhile, I'll just have to give in to the fact that I am going to hurt here at the beginning. That one thing is what makes getting back into regular exercise so difficult (although if I don't hurt I'm upset, because that means I didn't work hard enough), but as they say, no pain...well, you get it.

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Leah Maria said...

Yoga is one of my favorite types of exercise. I stopped about 2 years ago myself when I had a cyst on my wrist that prevented me from doing yoga. Now I want to get back into it, but I cannot find a class that is a good time for me. I just need to start back at home I guess, but it's easier for me when I have a class to go to.

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