Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ponderings and news

Five days ago, I wanted to write a poignant post about an anniversary. April 5th marked a year since I entered the hospital. It was midnight when we called the doctor and he told us to go...we had no idea what would happen, but we were hoping to be back that night having been told I was in false labor. What did happen instead was lots of craziness, and just a little more than a week later Miles was born! This Friday we will celebrate his first birthday, along with a few family members who live nearby. Sadly, not all our family members live so close, but at least some can be here. I am going to make a cake, we are going to begin a tradition of marking his height on the wall (something I've always wanted to do with my children), and we'll put his hand print in clay. Is it clay? Anyway, my sister gave me one of those kits to do that, so I thought his first birthday would be the day to do that. We're not doing a big bash kind of thing, but it will be very special. After all, thinking back to where we were one year ago brings up some painful memories, but it also brings up the addition to our family that I cannot imagine life without...that precious little boy who melts my heart every day. My little Miles. That is the memory we hold onto.

How's my wound doing, you ask? I wouldn't say it's doing real bad, but I wouldn't say it's doing real good. It looks the way it's supposed to look (don't worry, I won't go into detail), but it is just taking...its...time. Part of that is because of the auto-immune thing, but a big factor is nutrition and exercise. Admittedly, I have not done super-well in that department over the months, but lately I've been trying harder. I have taken Miles on many long (and fast) walks over the past couple of weeks, and I have been eating more protein...and just eating more in general. All we can do after that is keep praying for healing. I believe that it is not terribly far away, but I was hoping it would be healed by Miles' birthday. I'm not going to let it get me down, though.

My photoblog has a new look, although I don't know if anyone actually looks at it anymore. I did add two new photos to it, but for some reason they didn't take! So, I'm going to have to work on that again. For now, I hope anyone who visits likes it.

We haven't received the 'Complaint-Free World' bracelets yet, but I knew they might take some time since they've become so popular. I am still planning on trying it out, and would love anyone else to try it with me who wants to!

I'm in the midst of reading (see sidebar) another book which I'll review here (hopefully) soon. It's titled, "I'm OK -- You're Not: The Message We're Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop". When I was asked if I'd like to review this book, the title alone convinced me to take a look. So far, I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying it...but I'll save all that for the actual review. I'm also reading "Prince Caspian," which is the fourth book in the 'Chronicles of Narnia' series. I am loving it! Although I have to say, I was in the doctor's office recently, and I stopped reading it while I was there because I suddenly felt self-conscious about reading a book with pictures in it in front of other people. But see, I never read this series as a kid, and now that the first movie has come out -- which I loved -- I want to read them. If anyone out there hasn't read these books, get to it! They are a quick read and so enjoyable. I love disappearing into another world at the very end of my day.

Okay, I'll end the post talking about Miles. I can't help myself, I'm a mama! Anyway, he has started getting more cuddly lately, and I just can't get enough of it. He is such a sweet, sweet little boy -- though he does have his moments of total defiance! -- and Casey and I find ourselves loving him more and more. Oh, that's another thing: he is such a daddy's boy! It doesn't bother me so much. It's very endearing seeing him follow Casey around and wanting to be held by him above anyone else. But what am I, chopped liver?


Sarah said...

Tracey, my boys are little Kevin disciples too. They DEFINITELY prefer Daddy to Mommy, although I know they love me too. ;) Sometimes it hurts my feelings but I know it's the way it's supposed to be, esp at this age (5). I'm just thankful they have such a good role model and Daddy to emulate, and I know Casey will be just that for Miles!

I'll try out the bracelets with you ...can I buy just one? I'll have to remember to look for them. I feel like I've been really whiny lately.

About the Narnia books - eh, don't feel weird about reading a book with pics. :) They're the greatest! Well, I actually think I might like LOTR (the books) better but that's for a different age level anyway I guess. :)

I will pray for your wound...I know that would get me down too. I admire your persevering and non complaining attitude!

Sarah said...

Oh yeah - just found out recently that you guys know Derrick D very well! How cool... we play in praise band at RHCC together. It was fun to figure out we both knew you!

tracey said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for all the great comments and encouragements. I'm glad as well that Miles has such an awesome example in Casey. It truly warms my heart to see them together. Oh, and the bracelets are FREE! And yes, you can ask for just one if you'd like. You can donate to them, but there is no payment required -- not even shipping. Thanks for the continued prayers for my wound. It is looking pretty good these days! That is cool about Derrick D...are you playing piano in the praise band? I can't remember if you play any other instrument. He's an awesome guy, isn't he?

Ruthie said...

Hey Tracey..
this is Ruthie I was just reading your blog to Joel before we went to bed..
Joel says that "you should ok about complaining.. and if you have a problem with complaining read Lamentations and many of the Lamenting Psalms.. Complaining is ok as long as you are Looking to God and your fellow Christians to help you through a dilemma..
I agree that compaining for compaining sake is a bad idea but to tell someone to not complain is almost like telling someone not to weep when they are sad. And as is pointed out in scripture .. we should not weep as unbelievers but there is certainly not anything wrong with weeping when that is how we feel."

We love you.. we will be praying for you..

get your bracelets.. wear them.. but if you don't want to complain to anyone else.. call US.. or email us.. We will listen..

Miss you LOTS

ps.. MILES IS PRECIOUS!!! (so are you by the way)

tracey said...

Hey Ruthie -- thanks so much for your comments. I agree totally with you and Joel about lamenting. I might end up writing another post about this, but I just wanted to clear up that the complaining I want to change is the unnecessary kind, just the everyday gripes, you know? I think lamenting is vital and should not be cut out of our lives at all. Thanks again, I love you! =)

Sarah said...

Yeah I play piano... I don't play anything else..just a little guitar...I can barely sing AND play piano at the same time. Haha.

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