Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nine Months (...five days ago)

Dear Miles,

Last Saturday you reached the nine-month mark. I had been thinking about it in the days before, and then on the actual day I almost missed it! Daddy was out of town with the students, and you and I were headed to the park for a walk since the weather was unusually warm. As I was driving I said, "Miles -- you're nine months old today!" Of course I didn't get a clear response, just some jabbering and singing from the back seat. I was so proud.

And I continue to be a proud mama. You have added three top teeth to the bottom two, your hair (still with a red tint, we think) has grown in more lately, and the crawling! Oh my, I knew that once you got going there would be no stopping you, and I was so right. You are just speeding along, and I don't know if my heart can keep up with how fast you are growing.

Your interaction with me and Daddy becomes more heartwarming and amusing all the time. The other day Daddy was on the phone with 'Pops' (your name for one of your grandfathers), and you were sitting with me watching him and you cocked your head to one side and grinned at him. It was such a funny thing to see, and now you do it every once in a while as if you know just how charming it is to those watching.

Everyone will say that their child is the cutest and the smartest and all of that, but in this case it is so true! I notice that when I try to teach you something one day, for just a few minutes, you will remember it the next day. For example, we have been working on clapping. I clapped three times and said, "Clap-clap-clap!" and then I took your hands and did the same thing. Then you tried it on your own, and the very next day, all I said was "Clap-clap-clap!" and up came your little hands, trying again to make the connection. You're still working on it, but I'm sure that very soon we'll hear you clapping those hands together. And it seems that when I say, "Hey!" you seem to answer back, "Hey!" It is a little bizarre, but you've done it so much that it really seems like you are talking to me. And I think your new word "Gah-gee" is the word for your favorite person -- your Daddy.

I've also noticed that you are a little more attached to me these days. Before, if someone else was holding you, it was no big deal. But now you have started to realize that Mommy is over there and so that means that she is not holding me...and so you reach out your hands to come back to that safe place. I can't say I'm not loving it, knowing that I am the one you look for and need to comfort you. I know it won't be that way forever and ever, and so I will treasure it for as long as I can. I adore being your safe place, Miles. I will store in my heart every hug and kiss and smile that you offer, and I will always be so proud of you.



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Sarah said...

That is so sweet! I love that he is getting so attached to you. That is just the way it should be! :)

Sally-Anne said...

Sounds like he really is a genius! And a looker, too. :) Keep on enjoying each other!

Sally-Anne said...

Sounds like he really is a genius! And a looker, too. :) Keep on enjoying each other!

tracey said...

Thanks Sarah! The attachment thing puts to rest all the fears I had in those first three months, you know, that he wasn't getting the chance to know me like he should.

Sally-Anne, you are so observant! =) Really, thank you -- we think he is a real cutie. I think we'll keep him!

Joy said...

What a doll! I'm still hoping to meet him soon. I am so happy for you & proud of you!

Dave & Nikki said...

I love this blog about your little man. Trace, you are doing a fantastic job as a mom despite all the hardships you have had to face being a mom. With God on your side what more could you ask for.

Ruth said...

OH Tracey I had no idea you had been posting for so long! yipee! I just caught up on all your posting. I must say that Miles is just cute as a button! and your family picture is just wonderful!

cant wait to read more of your posts!

ps.. as far as the reading thing .. I just started reading Pride and Prejudice by jane Austen. Oh its sosoo good.. I stay up wait to late reading.

be careful.. that baby will be almost as big as you are before you can bat an eye! enjoy every minute (joseph is up to my shoulder! and cat and I can wear the same size shoe!) it goes sooo fast! hang on!


tracey said...

Thank you thank you thank you so much to all of you! It really fills my heart to see so many of my very favorite people posting encouragements and getting to see Miles here since a lot of you are so far away (except you Joy...we gotta get together girl!). I'll post soon...I'm trying...please be patient with me!

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