Monday, May 01, 2006

She's Home! He's Home! They're Home!

It's Sarah again, posting for Tracey. She would like you all to know that she is finally home from the hospital today! She has had a rough time of it, gathering from what I've heard, and will continue with recovery time over the next few weeks. I will leave the details out, because I feel this is a story she will want to share herself when she feels up to it, which should hopefully be quite soon.

Please continue to pray for her, for Casey and for Baby Miles (who continues to be in great health, by the way). Pray for peace, strength, healing and abundant blessings as they settle down into a new family life.

Tracey, you go girl! We are all rooting for you and miss you lots.


Jacqueline Hudson said...

YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I am sooo glad that you are back home and Miles is okay. See ya Wednesday maybe. :D


Anonymous said...

I am so glad everyone is back home! I can't wait to hear more about everything that is going on. I love ya girl! - Joy

Erin said...

hey let me know if i can do anything or bring you and casey anything... we love you and miss having you at church... hope to see you soon... i am so happy that yall are back at home...-erin

Anonymous said...

Casey and Tracey,
So glad to hear you are all finally at home together. We have kept you all in our prayers here in Texas. I'm sending you the powerpoint slide I made to announce Miles' arrival for our assembly. Keep us informed on how things are going. May God bless you always and guide your every step as you raise Miles to be a servant of God.
Love you...Suzanne Dennis

Ruth said...

Hi Tracey.. I have probably driven Kerry crazy by asking how you are ALLLL the time.. glad to know you are finally home .. Know that we love you and pray for you many many times a day.. You are amazing! ..

Ruth said...

HI TTTT racey!
glad to hear you are home.. praying for you and thinking of you many times a day! We look forward to seeing pics of baby Miles and sure miss your blogging! Babies have a pretty good talent of completely changing our lives! Blessings on you and the family. .. Love you guys bunches!

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